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Why are UV Printers Head Easily Clogged or Blocked?

Compared to other wide format printers, UV printers are more likely to get head clogged/ blocked by the characteristic of UV ink. Many customers are upset about printhead clogged due to the expensive head price and time-consuming. That’s why we write this.  To summarize, the printer head clogging happens for two main reasons: Ink sedimentation […]

Why not Recommend Used (Second-hand) UV Printer?

A sheer amount of people have asked if we OnePrint has used UV printers on sale. First, we don’t have. Second, we don’t recommend the users and customers to purchase second-hand UV printers whatever are 90% new. We know it’s for low initial cost considerations, but keep in mind, finding quality second-hand UV printers can […]

The Pretreatment Process of UV Printing

UV printing is considered as universal, able to directly print on various material substrates. But do you know that when printing on metal, tiles, plastic, glass and such smooth-faced media, you need an extra process, that is pretreatment? This blog will mainly introduce: what’s the function of pretreatment? How to pretreat media? Common-used pretreatment liquid. […]

Why Large Format Digital Printers’ Price is Much Different?

This is also a printer selection guide serving for new beginning end-users who lack both experience and knowledge. With the same kind of digital printer boast the same capabilities, what’s the reason for a different price? Ok, let’s have a look and go depth with the following points.  (No based on a fake printer, refitted […]

A Summary for Large Format Digital Printer’s Applications

There are a certain number of end-users among our customers tapping into wide format printing market for the first time, without rich experience and knowledge, easily get dazzled with so many brands and models printing machines. So, we try our best to make a detailed beginner-guide for you away from troubles. When deciding which printer […]

PhotoPrint: How to Set White Spot Color in Photoshop and Illustrator (Graphic Tutorials)

4. Stored as TIFF format. PS: a. Save option: check spot color Color:no ICC configuration files b. TIFF option:Use LZW to compress, it’s lossless compression, other settings use the default. 5. Add TIFF files with a white color channel to PhotoPRINT PS: PhotoPRINT must add TIFF spot channel optional password. Enable this optional function to […]

RIP Software for Inkjet Printer: Maintop, UltraPrint, PhotoPrint

RIP stands for Raster Image Processor. It’s fair to say a RIP software is one of the most important elements of a successful printer’s workflow. It is used to transform designed pictures (many files types) into languages that can be recognized by the inkjet printer, thus the final print matches what is on the computer, […]

The Ultimate Guide for OnePrint UV Inks

By learning from this blog, you will get a full understanding of OnePrint UV inks. We also collected frequently asked questions to help you away from confusion and troubles. 1. Green OnePrint adopts high-quality UV ink, with little VOCs, little odour, environmental-friendly. Note: During printing, UV inks emit little odour, after curing, no odour distribution. […]

UV Printing Application: Personalize/ Customize Pen Printing

For a small start-up or home-based business, the customized/ personalized pen printing is absolutely a good option. Because pens are everywhere in every person’s home, office or schools. And it features diversity. With UV digital printing, you can print directly on different types of pens with text, photos, full-image colors, logos, letters regardless the material […]

UV Printing Application: Personalize/ Customize Bottle Printing

Now, custom items are growing fast in popularity. Except for pen printing, golf balls printing we mentioned previously, today we mainly talk about how to print on cylinder-like objects, such as wine bottles, candy bottles, wedding glass bottles, jars, metallic sports bottles, cups, mugs…simply called bottles printing.

UV Printing Application: Personalize/ Customize Golf Balls Printing

Golf is increasingly loved and welcomed by a host of all ages people with fun and competitive nature, and everyone likes to bring their own touch, golf is a great sport of like that. As a result, customizing golf balls is more profit-effective than ever before. With OnePrint desktop UV flatbed printer series, you can […]

The Print&Cut Solution: One Integrated Printer Cutter VS Two Separate Machine

Recent years, combined printer cutter has revolutionized both large format printing and cutting market with Roland, Mimaki as a representative. That involved with a wide range of applications like banners, posters and displays, labels and decals, vehicle graphics, stickers, apparel heat transfers and more, so that causes a heated debate between integrated print cut and […]

What’s the Future of UV Inkjet Printing?

Unlike traditional (aka convention) inkjet printing machine, UV Printing was almost unheard until recent years, which is a relatively new technology allowing clients to print directly onto a various range of materials. It’s revolutionized the printer market due to simplify procedures. It now has the ability to print a finely detailed design onto hundreds of […]

Which Printhead is better for UV Industrial Printer? (Ricoh, Kyocera, Konica, Seiko, Toshiba)

Note: The smaller the nozzle size is, the smaller the ink droplet is, and the better the printing performance will be. The larger the nozzle size is, the longer the printhead lifespan will be. (owing to hardly clogged) Click here Know more: Epson Head VS Konica Head VS Ricoh Head Ultimate Guide for Epson Head […]

UV Printing Applications

First, I want to say, the world is filled with UV printing applications if you carefully observe, from small stickers to even complex commercial signages. UV printing applications are everywhere. For UV printers, the applications are unlimited, your imagination is the only limitation. Today, to break thinking and create more ideas for you, let’s have […]

Daily Maintenance for OnePrint UV Printers

Usually, there is one or another trouble occurring to UV printers caused by irregular operations, leading to unnecessary cost. Especially when damage the printhead, what heavy losses!  Therefore, Daily Maintenance has to be a vital lesson for users, particularly beginners to master. This blog is mainly involved in 3 parts: Daily Maintenance How to protect UV printers […]

Xaar 1201 Inkjet Print Head

Since printing effect is largely determined by printhead, as strong horse with strong saddle, only with excellent performance print head, can printed media show brilliant and vibrant color. Today, we mainly talk about the mainstream Xaar 1201 printhead. Let’s have a look the basic spcification. 1. Droplet Size and Firing Frequency The maximum firing frequency […]