Become OnePrint Distributor

What’s the benefit of become a OnePrint distributor?

  • Special dealer price
    Good price to beat your competitors on same grade machines.
  • Area business protection
    OnePrint will no longer sell to anybody else in your area.
  • Premier technical care
    Our senior technician manager will serve you online.
  • Sales target award
    Once achieve sales target, OnePrint will award you bonus money for each printer you sell.
  • OEM acceptable
    We can put your own logo and info on printers.
  • Distributor qualification certificate
    Receive a OnePrint qualification certificate.
  • Free customer leads
    OnePrint will continuously send you customer inquiry from your area, and introduce you as our qualified distributor.

How to become a OnePrint distributor?

  • Buy printer for demo purpose
    Distributor must have at least one printer to show to customers.
  • Get onsite or online training
    Distributor must have the ability to provide technical support to customers.
  • Promote and sell a specific number of printers per year (Negotiable)
    If you want to become the exclusive distributor of your area, you should reach a certain number of sales quantity each season,


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