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Which Printhead is better for UV Industrial Printer? (Ricoh, Kyocera, Konica, Seiko, Toshiba)

Note: The smaller the nozzle size is, the smaller the ink droplet is, and the better the printing performance will be. The larger the nozzle size is, the longer the printhead lifespan will be. (owing to hardly clogged) Click here Know more: Epson Head VS Konica Head VS Ricoh Head Ultimate Guide for Epson Head […]

Xaar 1201 Inkjet Print Head

Since printing effect is largely determined by printhead, as strong horse with strong saddle, only with excellent performance print head, can printed media show brilliant and vibrant color. Today, we mainly talk about the mainstream Xaar 1201 printhead. Let’s have a look the basic spcification. 1. Droplet Size and Firing Frequency The maximum firing frequency […]

The Spectra StarFire SG1024 Print Head: Specification & Feature

OnePrint newly launched high-end series solvent printer F4 breaks out conventional thinking, innovatively adopting repairable StarFire SG1024 printhead to focus on industrial field production. The StarFire SG1024 is an epoch-making printhead, pushed out by FUJIFILM Dimatix company, for nearly all high standard industrial inkjet printing demand. That stems from: Internal circulation ink supply technology variable […]

Ricoh Launches New Generation Gen 6 Print Head

In Shanghai APPPEXPO 2019, not merely Epson launches three types of micro piezo printhead L1440, S3200, F1440, another industry captain Ricoh also push out the next generation Gen6. which is the first time that Ricoh has made its industrial printhead debut in China. And orders will be accepted worldwide from April 1. There are three […]

Epson New Inkjet Print head L1440, S3200 and F1440

Update: In Shanghai APPPEXPO 2019, Epson launches three types of micro piezo printhead, that is L1440 series, S3200 series and F1440 series. These newly brilliant printheads come into public notice with superior performance and competitive price. Now, read more and go depth with the big news. L series: Epson L1440 series is one kind of […]

Epson Printhead VS Konica Printhead VS Ricoh Printhead

Epson head is the most widely-used type of printhead for inkjet printers, with the highest resolution among the digital printing market. Available to most printers, like the vinyl printer, banner printer, UV printer, textile printer, especially works beautifully on the UV printer. Advantages 1. Relatively good price for many kinds of printers. Especially a good choice […]

The Best Vinyl Printing Machine

If you own a OnePrint vinyl printing machine, guess what? You can produce a wide range of printed vinyl applications with stunning clarity and vivid colors, like decals, wall graphics, signage and much more. Both small startup companies and more established sign and graphics providers can be satisfied with the perfect blend of speed and […]

How to Identify Epson DX7 Printhead is Locked or Unlocked

As one of the most popular Epson printheads, Epson DX7 is virtually an alternative for DX5. But It’s widely used by textile printers because most of them are water-based printhead. Unlike Epson DX5 mostly are oil-based printhead. Locked Printhead (the same story as Epson DX5) Epson DX7 printheads work pretty well on the digital printing […]

The Difference between EPS 3200 ( Epson 4720) and Epson 5113 Printhead

EPS 3200 printhead (also known as Epson 4720) is a new type of piezoelectric head launched by Epson in recent years. So named because Epson WF-4720 inkjet printer was first used. Several months ago, it appeared in Shanghai APPPEXPO 2018, surprised the large-format digital printer market with superior performance and competitive price. The article tells […]

Comparing Epson DX5 and Ricoh Gen5 Printhead

Epson DX5 VS Ricoh Gen5 Printhead For reliable, cost-effective and high-quality printing, it’s vital to choose a brilliant printhead. Epson DX5 printhead has been the most commonly used type on the market for decades. But is that still the case with other heads being introduced? One of those is the Ricoh Gen5 printhead, so how […]

Information about Epson 5113 Printhead: Size, Speed, Price, Encrypted or not

With speedy development of large-format digital printers, variable complex printhead comes out, including distinguished Epson 5113. It has been widely used for sublimation printers due to stunning speed, low cost, and applicable water-based ink. This article is to help customers have a better understanding of Epson 5113 printhead. No matter the size, speed, price and […]