What is the Best Printer for Banner Printing?

With the rise and prosperity of the signage industry, you can see banners in different sizes, styles, materials almost everywhere, in the subway, dining-hall, stores or streets. That opens the door to fast-moving entrepreneurs, they find high-profit margins and plan to expand the banner printing market. The article is to advise the best banner printer, shorten the way to success.

1. Which Printer to Use?

Choices on printers should be made with a variety of factors in mind, such as speed, quality, and cost. Anyway, eco solvent printer is the best-suited banner printer.

High Quality:
The OnePrint eco solvent printer is equipped with Epson print head, the resolution is the highest among all the major printheads in the LFP market.

Low Cost:
The printheads, eco solvent inks and other consumable parts are low cost, and the ease-of-use operation means no need to employ high-level workers, saving labor cost.

High Speed:
Take OnePrint SJ-3200 eco solvent printer as an example, it can realize 45sqm/h on 4-pass, producing vibrant and brilliant images.

2. What Ink Types to Purchase?

The printer is applied with eco solvent ink, virtually no odour and less volatile organic compounds, more eco-friendly than “strong” or “aggressive” solvent inks. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor banner printing.

3. What Banner Materials to Print upon?

OnePrint eco solvent printer can work with a wide variety of coated and uncoated banner materials, giving you more options for indoor and outdoor banner printing.

Vinyl banner

Vinyl is undoubtedly the most versatile of banner materials, providing large size and full-color choices, very durable, light-weight, and simple to install.
Installation usually involves grommet holes each two to four feet around the perimeter, which permit the banner to be hung using anything from bungees to Velcro.
Whether your banner is merely expected to be used once, or you’re looking for a banner that will tolerate a little more wear and tear, vinyl is an economical and sturdy choice.

Mesh banner

Mesh banners have crisscrossed fibers that permit air and sound to pass through, making them perfect for outdoor events. The tiny holes, which are a more aesthetical alternative to put wind slits in vinyl banners. Resistant to the wind while not sacrifice the printed quality.
Mesh material can be used to make giant banners, which are typically finished with heat welded hems and grommets, and reinforced with pole pockets for added safety.

Poly banner

If you are really searching for a cheap, one-time banner, then poly banner material is the way to go. Although poly banners perform brilliant images, the material is not designed to be used outdoors or for a long time. Meanwhile, poly banners are slightly more expensive, by comparison, vinyl banners provide far better durability and longevity and are a great alternative to poly banners.

Canvas banner

Canvas banners have a heavier feel but typically for indoor use only. Because they won’t stand up by bad weather.
Canvas banners are widely used for high-end backdrops and finished with sewed hems and grommets or pole pockets.

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