What’s the Best Wide Format Printer in Signage Industry?

Over time, the bustling signage industry has increasingly attracted a swarm of entrepreneurs to expand the hot market. For beginners, it’s quite difficult to make choices among wide format digital printers with endless brands and models. The article is to give you access to the best wide format printer for signage industry by comparing three kinds of advertising-use printers: Eco solvent printer, solvent printer and UV printer.


Brief Overview

Simply speaking, if you are looking for a high-speed inkjet printer for high-volume outdoor signage printing, the solvent printer is your best wide format printer.


If you want to produce both indoor and outdoor signage printing with brilliant quality and speed on soft media, Eco solvent printer is your best wide format printer.


If you require a printer for printing on rigid and flexible substrates as well as three-dimensional objects, especially soft film printing, UV printer is your best wide format printer due to eco-friendly white UV ink.


Eco Solvent Printer VS Solvent Printer VS UV Printer


For only outdoor signage printing: solvent printer
For both indoor & outdoor printing: Eco solvent printer and UV printer


Printing speed

Solvent printer >Eco solvent printer >UV printer


Printing resolution

UV Printer>Eco solvent printer>solvent printer


Printer price

Solvent printer >UV printer> Eco solvent printer


Outdoor durability

UV printer (3-5 years) > solvent printer(2 years)> eco solvent printer (1 year)



UV printer( no VOCs) >Eco solvent printer(low VOCs content)> solvent printer( high VOCs content)


Ink (Type and Price)

Eco-solvent printer: Eco solvent ink

Solvent printer: solvent ink

UV printer: UV ink

Price: UV ink > Eco solvent ink> Solvent ink

Tip: Among them, only UV ink has white ink and varnish.


Media Types

Eco-solvent printer & solvent printer: Print on soft media, like Vinyl, flex banner, one-way vision, mesh, banner cloth, PP etc.


UV printers are divided into three categories: UV flatbed printer, UV roll to roll printer and UV hybrid printer.


UV flatbed printers have the ability to print on rigid, soft media as well as three-dimensional objects, like pens, phone covers, canvas, glass, ceramic, metal, ceiling, acrylic, wood, PVC, PP, PE, reflection film, leather,

carpet, paper etc.

Tip: But mainly print on rigid and three-dimensional objects in actual usage.


UV roll to roll printer: print on soft media, excels at soft film printing.


UV hybrid printer: Print on both rigid and soft media, mainly used for leather printing.


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