The OnePrint Capping Station Design for Epson DX5/ DX7/ XP600

The capping station ( also called ink stack, cap top) is one of the essential parts of the printing machine, most of them are generally on the right. During the operation of the machine, the printhead will periodically move back and forth on the carriage (the main duty of the carriage is to carry the print head). When the machine is not used for a long time, the head will stay on the ink stack to ensure nozzle wet and avoid air in, thus effectively preventing the head from clogging.

The benefits of the capping station

  • Ensure the high-precision output
  • Avoid head clogging
  • Prolong head service life

OnePrint’s inkjet printers innovatively design a round button to rotate right or left to control ink stack up and down.

Tip: It should be replaced regularly after a period of use. Otherwise, the normal use of the printing machine will be influenced.
The below is OnePrint’s eco-solvent printer cap top, all aluminum structure ensures the stability.




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