UV Printing Application: Personalize/ Customize Golf Balls Printing

Golf is increasingly loved and welcomed by a host of all ages people with fun and competitive nature, and everyone likes to bring their own touch, golf is a great sport of like that. As a result, customizing golf balls is more profit-effective than ever before.

With OnePrint desktop UV flatbed printer series, you can capture the money-making chance easily by adding rich personalizations and respond to market changes with the flexibility to create new opportunities. That’s the topic we come up discussion.

Golf Ball Printing Possibilities

Personalize golf ball with family pictures

Add eye-poping colors and full-image graphics

Add text, sayings or a funny joke

Customize golf balls with event logos, or special date, character

Business Oppotunity

  1. Individual golf balls can be used for play or in golf accessory shops as souvenirs for golf courses, memorable tourneys, and special events.
  2. Make your golf club different from the rest by giving elite members own logoed golf balls, build brand awareness and belonging.
  3. If you want to ensure your company stands out during special events or occasions, marketing campaigns or promotions and trade shows, or at a golf tournament, nothing do it better than personalize golf balls with your company logo.
  4. When doing golf sports, closing family or friends relationship by customized golf balls with name, text, picture or anything else.

How to Print on Golf Balls

You can directly print upon golf balls with unique messages, pictures, or logos by OnePrint UV-350/UV-600/ UV-900.

  • Standard golf holders/ fixtures/jigs are available to print multiple golf balls in a single pass.
  • UV flatbed printer could print on most plastic materials directly without coating on the surface. (Note, for some other balls, it will be better to use the pre-treatment liquid for a solid adhesion, because there is a lot of friction.)
  • Varnish print result on demand: with UV-900, you can achieve multi-layer printing will fine details and smooth gradations.
  • Fast speed at low cost. 1L UV ink can print hundreds of golf balls, depending on the image size.

About OnePrint Desktop UV Flatbed Printer

  • 33*50cm, 60*60cm, 60*90cm print area available
  • Epson XP2000 head, longevity, and high-resolution
  • 20cm max printhead adjustable height
  • Adopt screw transmission for high stable carriage movement.
  • White ink stirring system for head unblocked
  • The 60s for a full image printing
  • Print both small and large items with large-scale flatbed customization, like canvas, glass, ceramic, metal, ceiling, acrylic, wood, pens, iPhone cases, coasters, PVC, PP, PE, a reflection film, leather, carpet, paper, etc.

Click here for knowing more about OnePrint three models of UV flatbed printers: specification & difference.


Dual Heads

33*50cm printing area

20cm adjustable print height

CMYK(LcLm) White / CMYK(LcLm)


Dual Heads

60*60cm printing area

20cm adjustable print height

CMYK(LcLm) White / CMYK(LcLm)


Dual Heads/ Three Heads Available

60*90cm printing area

20cm adjustable print height

CMYK(LcLm), White and Varnish Optional

Support Multi-layer printing

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