What is the Advantages of Eco Solvent Plotter?

Eco solvent plotter is a form of large format digital printing that applied with eco solvent inks (mild-solvent inks) to print and produce high-quality images, commonly-used in signage industry due to many advantages over traditional (aka conventional) printing.

eco solvent printer


The advantages of eco solvent plotter
Eco solvent inks emerged in the early 2000s and originally developed in response to customers’ demand for general signage work, more eco-friendly than “strong” or “aggressive” solvent inks. As eco-solvent inks have their colors suspended in a light biodegradable solvent, virtually no odour and fewer volatile organic compounds.
(Conventional offset printing uses solvent inks – which are not the greenest option – because they release many VOC’s into the air.)


The lack of smell is another big advantage of eco solvent inks. In some solvent inks, you will get a strong smell during the printing process, which means you need to consider your printer placement, and also solvent inks leave an odour on the printed material itself, prohibiting those displayed or used indoors. But you can do with eco solvent inks.


Less volatile organic compounds also mean that ink cartridges are less often damaging, or deteriorating. And you won’t need to do full system cleans frequently – although whatever any other types of printing, you will need to do regular cleaning and maintenance from time to time.


Eco-solvent printing does require more heat to dry printed media and this can affect material type you can print on. Meanwhile, ink outdoor durability is not as good as solvent inks, but enough for outdoor printing work, it’s best to only use it for applications which need to last one year or two.


The difference between 4-color and 6-color eco solvent printing
6 color printing is more vivid. But for an eco solvent machine, we recommend working with 4 colors. Because the finished print result is enough for general signage work while lowering cost and improving speed.


Eco solvent printer VS Solvent printer
You can click here to know more about the difference between eco solvent and solvent printer.

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