How to Estimate Your Printing Costs of Banner Printing Machine?

People may be struggling to make a decision when buying a banner printing machine due to the uncertainty of the unknown. For example, how does it cost to start a printing business? A business’s true printing costs are far exceeding the direct costs related to buying equipment!

When it’s all said and done, you should be aware of several cost factors beyond printing machine costs. And consumable parts such as ink, media, replaceable print heads, cleaning accessories and RIP software must be considered.


Ink consumption
Ink consumption varies from printer to printer and depends on the ink configuration and also the kind of printhead (such as grayscale printheads).
Normally the more ink colors the printer has, the higher the ink cost is, but it’ll turn out a wider color gamut, that is vital for fine art printing.


Power consumption
We should also consider power consumption once evaluating costs. To sum up, solvent printers use the smallest amount of power. Latex printers need extra electricity to run the heaters that are utilized in the drying process. UV printers require a vacuum device and powerful UV lamps to cure the inks. By comparison, LED UV lamps are available and greatly decrease power consumption, just slightly increase the initial purchase price of the printer as they are expensive to produce. However, within the long-term production, will save money as they will not require regular replacing as UV mercury lamps do.


Space Rent
Can you easily collect finished prints?
Make sure there is enough space for you to remove the prints from the machine without causing damage to the print, the machine or anything else in the area.

Is it too difficult for the operator to remove heavy rolls?
If there isn’t enough room or the machine is too complicated, this could be a high-demand process.
You need to plan a place for mounting, folding, grommeting or finishing the prints. As well as space for keeping any consumables – like ink and media – stored close to the printer for easy access.


All printers require daily maintenance to stay the printers in the best condition. Some printers have a self-cleaning system to manage everyday cleaning
It’s important for print operators to carry out a daily short cleanup routine, the first thing in the morning and the last thing before shutting down the printing machine.
This will use cleaning liquid, although the cost can be small, but should not be ignored in terms of overall cost.
Leaving printers on at night is also good as to use litter power, ensuring the inks are circulated around the printer and minimizes head clogged risk.

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