The Print&Cut Solution: One Integrated Printer Cutter VS Two Separate Machine

Recent years, combined printer cutter has revolutionized both large format printing and cutting market with Roland, Mimaki as a representative. That involved with a wide range of applications like banners, posters and displays, labels and decals, vehicle graphics, stickers, apparel heat transfers and more, so that causes a heated debate between integrated print cut and separate devices.

It’s hard to say who’s better or worse due to different user’s requirements in business and production. An integrated print and cut device may be the best solution, or a separate print and cut solution may be more suitable. And we OnePrint offer both two solutions.

Integrated Printer and Cutter


  1.  Allow unattended workflow, free up workers leave the machine to handle other print jobs.
  2.  Less often to reload and reposition printed media will save valuable time and effort.
  3. Reduce unnecessary maintenance headaches. Combining print and cut processes in a single machine means customers only need to invest in one device instead of two separate machines.
  4. Space-saving, perfect for smaller businesses, or those with several machines.
  5. Suited for one-offs and small batches printing jobs.


  1. If you print long distance graphic design all at once, you will fail to get high-precision printing result, as the integrated cutter is less accurate in media stepping than stand alone. For Mimaki printer cutter, we suggest print 1m, cut 1m and so repeat, especially for high demand quality clients.
  2. Not suited for mass production.

Why we resell Mimaki printer other than Roland: click here.

Separate Printer+Cutter


  1. Higher productivity. The two separated devices allow to print and cut simultaneously. This will transform into higher production capacity, more flexibility and faster response time.
  2. The individual cutter has higher stability, higher precision, larger engraving pressure, and thicker media can be cut.
  3. Suitable for high volume production. Because printing and cutting can be at the same time, as well as the single cutter can handle 5~10m printed media at once.


  1. After the printing job is complete, someone needs to manually set the roll on the other machine for cutting.
  2. Two devices take more floor space.

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