Konica KM-1024i Industrial Print head: Specifications and Features

Recently, our OnePrint launches high-standard solvent printer A8 series to meet customers’ increasing pursuit towards speed, quality, and longevity. The biggest highlight is that configured with Konica KM-1024i industrial-class head.

One Pass Printing, a new day has come.

Konica KM-1024i series inkjet printhead is built to satisfy customers’ various need for industrial production, primarily for ceramic printing or label printing where higher productivity is required

The Specification of KM-1024i

  • Nozzle number: 4 lines of 256 nozzles per line.
  • Applicable ink: Solvent, UV, oil-based, water-based ink available.
  • Size: W131MM*D18mm*H94mm.
  • 8-level grayscale printing.
  • Achieve one pass printing at 480㎡/h.
  • Green product, low pollution.
  • Commonly used 30pl for high-speed printing and 13pl for high-quality printing.

The Key Features of KM-1024i

1. The printing speed of KM1024i is three times faster than KM1024

The Konica KM1024i is a state-of-the-art piezoelectric on-demand printhead with a separate drive system for each nozzle channel. While a 3-cycle drive system for the KM1024 series. The independent drive system makes the KM1024i approximately three times faster than the KM1024 series.

2. High-definition image quality

High-precision 256 nozzles are arranged side by side in a row to form a high-density structure, and nozzle position accuracy is improved, enabling high-definition printing quality.

3. Achieve single pass printing

With the independent drive mode, the drive frequency (45kHz) is approximately 3 times that of the existing KM1024. Such inkjet printheads are suitable for developing single pass high-speed printing.

4. Compatible with various kinds of ink

The KM1024i has a broad of industrial ink compatibility, and its nozzles are constructed with excellent ink resistance. It is constructed to achieve ink circulation and can be used for inks that are easy to precipitate.

5. Control the ink temperature to a suitable range with a high-performance internal heater

The KM1024i has a high-performance heater inside the nozzle to control high-viscosity inks used in industrial applications to a stable temperature.

6. 360npi high-resolution printhead for up to 8 grayscale prints

Suitable for new applications that require richer grayscale performance.

Obtain green product certification, low pollution to the global environment

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