A Summary for Large Format Digital Printer’s Applications

There are a certain number of end-users among our customers tapping into wide format printing market for the first time, without rich experience and knowledge, easily get dazzled with so many brands and models printing machines. So, we try our best to make a detailed beginner-guide for you away from troubles.

When deciding which printer you should buy, the most important related question is: What applications do you need the printer for? Also, it’s the first question we asked from new customers. In this blog, we will detailly summarize signage printer, UV printer, Textile printer’s media types, and applications.

Signage Printer (Eco Solvent Printer/ Solvent Printer)

Generally, the first option for the signage industry is eco solvent printer or solvent printer based on business demand. Here together called as signage printer.

Eco solvent printers are suited for both indoor and outdoor signages.

Feature: high resolution, little smell.

Solvent printers are used for producing high-volume outdoor large format signages.

Feature: Super speed, smell, low resolution.

Media Type

SAV, PVC Banner, Backlit Film, Window Film, Canvas, Vinyl, Mesh, One way vision, Photo Paper, PP paper (eco solvent printer used)…

Note: These applications and media are almost universal in eco solvent printers and solvent printers. (Please consult sales for details.)


Banners, Signs, Posters, Billboards

Wrap Graphics (outdoor car stickers, vehicle wraps, car wraps, vehicle packages)

Backlit signage(Backlit bus shelter), Corridor light box advertising

Decals, labels, stickers

Wall coverings (wallpaper, murals, wall graphics)

Point-of-sale displays, Tradeshow graphics

Airport Branding Backdrops

Floor Graphics

Building Drop Downs

Window display

Store, subway station, bus station advertising

Fine Art (produced by the eco solvent printer, owing to high precision demanded).

Heat transfer graphics for mugs, t-shirts, coasters…(created by the eco solvent printer printing on heat transfer vinyl).

Check The Difference between Eco Solvent and Solvent Printer.

UV Printer (Flatbed Printer, Hybrid Printer, Roll to Roll Printer)

UV printers are able to print on both rigid and flexible materials due to unique UV ink, create flat and embossed effects.

UV Flatbed Printer

UV Hybrid Printer

UV Roll to Roll Printer

Media Type

Ceiling Film, Acrylic, Metal, Canvas, Ceramic, Plastic, Paper, Leather, Glass, Wood, Vinyl, Advertising Banner, PET, Wallpaper, Corrugated card…

Unregular items: pens, golf balls, phone cases, iPad covers…


The media are divided into soft roll materials (soft film, canvas, vinyl…), rigid media (glass, wood, metal…) and 3D subjects like pens, balls, USB… The media decide which printer to use.

  • UV Flatbed Printer: roll materials (small orders or one-offs), unregular subjects, rigid media.
  • UV Hybrid Printer: often used to print on leather…
  • UV Roll to Roll Printer: roll materials, (soft films, vinyl…)

Still please contact our sales if you are confused.


Advertising industry: you can see the previous signage printers’ applications…

Personalized Industry (mostly non-standard surface)

  • Bottle (Mug, Cup), Cylindrical & Round Objects Printing
  • Golf Ball & Ball Printing
  • Custom Gift Box & Packaging Prototype Printing
  • Mobile Phone, Tablet & Laptop Cases Printing
  • Ceramic Tile Printing
  • Name Tag & ID Card Printing
  • Industrial Labelling & Dial Faces Printing
  • Home Appliance Printing

Decoration Industry

  • Canvas wall art (Fine art), photo frame
  • Craft box, food package
  • Window-shades, wood furniture
  • Background wallpaper, murals
  • Leather Goods
  • Acrylic
  • Glass

Click here for more UV printers’ applications.

Textile Printer (Direct to Flag Printer, Sublimation Printer, DTG Printer)

Now textile printers are more and more popular, especially in the developing countries: Asia, Africa, and Latin America… Our OnePrint DTG printers are still upgrading, now the first two are sublimation printer, and the third is direct to flag printers.

Lite Series Sublimation Printer

Pro Series Sublimation Printer

Direct Flags Printer


  • Sublimation printers are often used to print on heat transfer paper, then transfer finished designed print onto items (mugs, garments, pens, balls…)
  • Direct flag printers often print on polyester to create thousands of flags…
  • Also, there is a DTG printer in textile printers, often print on 100% cotton materials, like T-shirts, hoodies, socks…


Sofa covers, bed sheet, curtains, bed covers, cushion covers, table covers, all kinds of flags, flag signages

Heat transfer items ( sublimation printer)

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