Why Large Format Digital Printers’ Price is Much Different?

This is also a printer selection guide serving for new beginning end-users who lack both experience and knowledge. With the same kind of digital printer boast the same capabilities, what’s the reason for a different price?

Ok, let’s have a look and go depth with the following points.  (No based on a fake printer, refitted printer or second-hand printer to talk about the price difference. here are original and new. )

1. Printer Supplier

Identify the nature of the printer supplier.

  1. Whether the printer supplier is a manufacturer, distributor, OEM production agent or solo sales.
  • If you buy from manufacturers, the price is the lowest.
  • Most factory will also choose OEM production for some printer series to make up the insufficiency in technology. (If you buy the OEM production printers, the price is nearly the same as distributors. )
  • There is a number of customers like to reach cooperation with the agent due to all-sided and meticulous service.
  • Solo sales are no need to spend money on running a business company, usually developing business by small profit margins and quick returns. Buying printers from them, the price is cheaper than distributors.

2. The printer supplier’ brand level. like Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh…their printer price is much more expensive than domestic printers.

2. Printhead

The printhead is the most expensive and core parts for inkjet printers.

Different brand and models, industrial or non-industrial, locked or unlocked,  the print head price is much different.

As the price of Epson DX5 is 1050USD, while the Epson XP600 price is 200USD, industry-class Ricoh Gen5 head is 1800USD. Which printhead should you choose is depending much on your business demand, (resolution, speed, lifespan.)

To some extent, the printers’ printhead configuration (model and quantity) shows the supplier technical level.

Here are some printhead comparison blog, you can check:

3. Printer Parts, Machine Design, Control System

Printer Parts

Like servo motor, drag chain, guide rail, belt, ink pump, bearing…these are printers’ core parts, the brand name can be recognized by parts itself. Famous brands are more quality-assured, help you away from maintenance troubles.

Printer System

Here we talk about the control system and RIP software.

  • Widely-used Control System:  BYHX system, Hoson system, UMC system… Using authoritative printer system also can confirm suppliers’ technical level. The printer system is closely related to output quality and stability.
  • Common-used RIP Software: PhotoPrint, Maintop, Onyx, UltraPrint… Check Maintop, UltraPrint, PhotoPrint Difference. 

Machine Design: Printing Width, Steel or Aluminum

If your targeted printer supplier has large size printers, to some degree, ensuring the power. And the wider printing width will lead to more expensive machine design, to support the smooth and accurate movement.

Meanwhile, all core structures are made of aluminum will result in consistent carriage move with a long lifespan compared to the steel structure.

4. Price Component

You should clarify whether the price is bare machine price, or including printhead, media take up system, heating system…Optional parts also cost much…


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