RIP Software for Inkjet Printer: Maintop, UltraPrint, PhotoPrint

RIP stands for Raster Image Processor.

It’s fair to say a RIP software is one of the most important elements of a successful printer’s workflow. It is used to transform designed pictures (many files types) into languages that can be recognized by the inkjet printer, thus the final print matches what is on the computer, make printing easier and more efficient. Today we mainly talk about several kinds of common-used RIP software for wide format inkjet printers, those are Maintop RIP software, Photoprint RIP software, and Ultraprint RIP software.

This blog will be combined with RIP software’s features & difference and our OnePrint printer’s actual usage.

Maintop RIP Software

Cause Maintop is cheap and ease-of-operation, widely used for domestic large format inkjet printers.

  1. It’s cheap, often regarded as a standard configuration for printing machines.
  2. The page setup is concise and ease-of-use.
  3. It works best on eco solvent printers, able to produce a vivid image showing fine layers and smooth gradations. (when construct graphic designs, suggest CMYK modes.)
  1. The Maintop control interface only support Chinese and English, other languages are not available. (Rest assured, we have detailed software operation guide)
  2. Support limited file formats, a bit more cumbersome.

Solutions: when using graphic design software like CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Illustrator, suggest saved as JPG, TIF formats.


There are 5.3 version and 6.0 version in Maintop RIP software.

Maintop 6.0 can support more file formats like PDF. But a large difference between the two is 6.0 version able to make spot color.

That means if you need white ink or varnish to create embossed effects, select 6.0. If you only need color inks, 5.3 is enough suitable.

Photoprint RIP Software

  1. The outstanding feature, also the reason for its popularity is the ability to install in 10 kinds of languages, including Chinese (simplified & traditional version), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish.
  2. Allow users to transform designed pictures of almost all file formats.

3. The final print color reproduction is better than Maintop RIP software, you will get what you pay.

Note: Also two versions, PhotoPrint DX11 (color inks), PhotoPrint DX12 ( color inks+white ink/ varnish).

UltraPrint RIP Software

For OnePrint desktop UV flatbed printers and solvent printers, only UltraPrint RIP software is available.

  • Compared with Maintop, UltraPrint can create a better color performance at a faster speed.
  • Support more file formats.

The print console is English only.

The Application of RIP Software on OnePrint Printers

OnePrint Printers’ Configuration

 Printer Type Model Printhead RIP Software
 Eco Solvent Printer SJ-1601X/1804X/3204X Epson XP600
(DX5 optional)
Standard: MainTop 5.3 (Free)
Optional: MainTop 6.0 PhotoPrint
  EP-1802/2004 Epson DX5 Standard: MainTop
 Solvent Printer SOL-A8 Konica 1024i Standard: UltraPrint
  SOL-F4 StarFire SG1024 Standard: UltraPrint
  SOL-H8/S8/C8/M4/C4 Konica KM512i Standard: UltraPrint
  SOL-MK8 Konica KM512 Standard: UltraPrint
  UV Roll to Roll Printer  UV-1601X Epson XP600 Standard: MainTop 5.3 (Free)
Optional: MainTop 6.0 PhotoPrint
  UV-1804X/3204X Epson XP600 Standard: MainTop 6.0 (Free)
Optional: PhotoPrint,PhotoPrint with White
  RUV-1804S/3204S/3206 Ricoh Gen5 Head Standard: PhotoPrint
  GT-1804/1806 Epson L1440 Head
(DX5 optional)
Standard: MainTop
  GT-3204/3206 Epson L1440 Head Standard: MainTop
  UV Hybrid Printer FRE-1802/1804X
Epson XP600 Standard: MainTop 5.3 (Free)
Optional: MainTop 6.0 PhotoPrint
  Dye Sublimation Printer TEX-1802S/1802F
Epson 5113/EPS3200(4720) Standard: MainTop 5.3 (Free)
Optional: MainTop 6.0 PhotoPrint
  CR-1802/1803 Epson 5113/EPS3200(4720) Standard: MainTop
  Direct Flag Printer FP-1802S/1802F
Epson 5113/EPS3200(4720) Standard: MainTop 5.3 (Free)
Optional: MainTop 6.0 PhotoPrint
  Dye Sublimation Printer UV-350/600/900 Epson XP2000 Standard: UltraPrint
  FT-2513R/1612R/2030R Ricoh Gen5 Head Standard: ColorGate RIP9/ PhotoPrint

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