The Ultimate Guide for OnePrint UV Inks

By learning from this blog, you will get a full understanding of OnePrint UV inks. We also collected frequently asked questions to help you away from confusion and troubles.


1. Green

  • OnePrint adopts high-quality UV ink, with little VOCs, little odour, environmental-friendly.
  • Note: During printing, UV inks emit little odour, after curing, no odour distribution.
  • Environment-friendly: UV ink( no VOCs) >Eco solvent ink(low VOCs content)> solvent ink( high VOCs content)
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Certificated.

2. Durability

Outdoor UV printing signs, banners can maintain 3-5 years without fading, yellowing, cracking, and 10 years around for indoor environment.

It’s worth mentioning that outdoor durability: UV ink (3-5 years) > solvent ink (2 years)> eco solvent ink (1 year).

3. Service Life

  • The lifespan of unopened UV inks is about 1 to 1.5 years. For opened UV ink, lifespan is about 1 year.
  • After one year, if there is no much sediment inside, maybe you can still use it, but there will be a risk of printhead clogging. Not recommended.

4. Storage

We suggest you store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Because the special UV ink can’t watch the light, easily caused sediments.

5. Printing Cost: 1-liter UV ink can print around 60sqm impressive print.

  • CMYKLcLm USD65/Liter    White Ink/ Varnish USD80/Liter
  • The price is referring to desktop UV flatbed printers, about Ricoh Gen5 UV printers and Epson L1440 head UV printers, pls contact our sales for details.
Pros and Cons

Printing Modes

The UV inks enable multiple-layer printing to create eye-popping design printing effects.

  • Light Cyan, Light Magenta for fine details and smooth gradations.
  • White ink is essential for printing on soft films, colored or black items and transparent substrates like glass, acrylic…) It’s able to create spot white for embossed effects.
  • The varnish offers a good gloss effect. Meantime, the finished print is more durable, scratch-resistant and wash fast.
More Applications

About Head Clogged

Printhead clogged risk: White Ink> Varnish> Color Inks (CMYKLcLm)


  • The main component of white ink is titanium dioxide, that easily causes sediments in a long time static state. Compared with color inks and clear ink(aka varnish), more likely blocked nozzles.
  • And the varnish is virtually a combination of resins, solvents, and resins, or oils and solvents, featuring larger particles than UV inks. So that it easily blocked printhead, especially for small droplet size Epson printhead.
How OnePrint do to avoid head clogged?

OnePrint equips white ink stirring system for all kinds of UV printers, effectively preventing the printhead from clogging by continuously stirring white ink. The system saves 30% ink and prolongs head lifespan.

FAQ: white ink circulation system is better than stirring system?

It’s a scam.

Just a technical gimmick for some suppliers to promote the printer level and price.

  • For white ink circulation system, our several tests proven it’s not better than stirring system and excessive circulation will bring more ink sediments. Meantime it requires the machine running all the time 7x24h, very noisy and energy wasted.
  • The best method to prevent the head from clogging is the quality of UV ink besides the head itself.

Advice for first use

  • Sincerely I suggest you order some ink from our company for first use in order to avoid clogging, especially that we have already made ICC profiles based on our ink. then make sure the most vivid printing. After the first use, any brand of ink is OK.
  • If you continuously order inks from us > 100 L each printer each year, you will be privileged to prolong 1-year standard warranty to lifetime warranty.

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