Epson Print head Difference

Over time, Epson print head has been the most common-used type for the wide format inkjet printer, some people may confuse with so many options. This article mainly compares several popular ones, including Epson DX5, DX7, XP600, TX800, Epson 5113, EPS 3200 head, to help you make a quick decision.

As printhead is the core of speed, accuracy, and lifespan. So please take several minutes to read and go depth with the difference among them.

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Epson DX5
DX5 is the most stable, common-used and recognized printhead in the market. But the price is much too high owing to insufficient supply. Thus, it is gradually replaced by XP600 in Economy-model digital printers.


Epson XP600 (Aka: DX9/ DX11)
The speed is 10-20% faster than DX5. The lifespan can be 60-80% of DX5 with good maintenance. The price is 200USD, merely one-fifth of DX5. Ideal for start-ups. (The print accuracy which based on droplet size is comparable to DX5.)


Epson TX800(Aka: DX8/ DX10)
TX800 is an alternative to XP600, unfortunately, Epson already stopped production for this model. As a result, many second-hand TX800 are found in the market. Not recommended.


Epson DX7
DX7 It is once popular as a replacement of DX5, but failed due to higher price caused by lack of supply.

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Epson EPS3200 (WF 4720)
Nearly the same as Epson 5113 printhead in appearance, specification, and performance, but gain much popularity in customers due to cheaper price and sufficient supply, and that Epson 5113 has already stopped to produce. Recommend it.


Epson 5113
It is an alternative of DX5 when utilizing water-based ink. However, EPS3200 has increasingly replaced it with rich supply and ink compatibility.

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  1. Abiye Alamina says:

    Can I change my Epson DX5 print head to an Epson XP600. I have a Galaxy UD3212LC with an Epson DX5 head, and I have changed the print head 3 times already in just over 3 months. My feeling is something is wrong with the machine which I bought brand new from China, but I haven’t been able to find a way around it especially since the technical support in Nigeria is abysmal. I will appreciate any advice from you.

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