Disadvantages of Refitted Desktop UV Flatbed Printers

Now, the desktop UV flatbed printers with versatile applications are more loved and welcomed by customers for a small start-up or home-based business. But facing with many models and prices, how can we choose?

1. Don’t buy second-hand UV flatbed printers.
2. Don’t buy modified UV flatbed printers.

There is no doubt you can buy UV printers at an unbelievable low price in China, but then you also will take risks for unknown maintenance troubles. Remember! Spend your cherish time on making money rather than do headache maintenance.

How to Recognize Refitted UV Flatbed Printers?

1.Epson 1390 Printhead

Many desktop UV flatbed printers equipped with Epson 1390 printhead are probably refitted from Epson desktop printer.

2. Single Head

This is refitted from traditional Epson desktop printers, remove the machine frame, and complete with print table.

  • The print speed is slow.
  • Unsupport white ink and varnish for embossed and gloss effects.
  • Poor stability. Because the initial Epson desktop printers are used to print paper…When refitted to adapt to many materials…The machine is unable to print for long-time runs. Frequently report errors and low speed. Not suited for massive production.
  • The printhead lifespan is short, usually 4-6 months.

3. The print area is small and limited in print height.

This is caused by original Epson desktop printers.

Why Refitted UV Flatbed Printers Price Are Cheap?

a. This kind of printers use a nameless and strange print system and RIP software. (While we OnePrint apply famous Hoson board and UltraPrint RIP software for high stability, quality, and reliability.)

b. Adopt cheap, low-quality machine parts, can’t ensure the print result. For example, the UV-LED lamp is a cheap price, unable to achieve instant-dry.

c. Because the refitted desktop UV printers are low cost, compared to other digital printers. Often made in small workshops. The quality and service are uncertain.


We OnePrint are refused to trap into a price war, and we believe the quality and service is the foundation.

(Still, some clients asked us about purchasing refitted UV flatbed printers, sorry to say we haven’t found one reliable and suitable yet…)

You will get what you pay, and in OnePrint you will get more than you pay for. Welcome to contact us!

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