What Printing Size Should I Buy For My First Eco Solvent Printer?

The wide format eco solvent digital printer could provide the perfect printing solutions from simple indoor safety signs to large format outdoor banners. With faster speed, beautiful image reproduction and low print cost, eco solvent printer have become sought-after and commonly-used in the advertising, signage industry, virtually being the primary choice for graphic designers, print shops. Over time, we have received the same question frequently from new customers about the selection of printer size difficult. The article helps a lot.
Normal printing width existing in abroad and domestic wide format digital market are 1.6m (5 feet), 1.8m (6 feet) and 3.2m (10 feet).

Note: printing width is not equal to printer size.


How to choose from OnePrint SJ-1600, SJ-1800, SJ-3200 printers?

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Take OnePrint wide format eco solvent printer for example ( all equipped with Epson head, DX5, DX7, XP600, DX8).

Massive Production
The SJ-1800 and SJ-3200 are equipped with dual Epson head or even four Epson XP600 heads, supporting higher printing speed and various sized media printing, ideal for users’ high-volume production.


Small Batch Production
The 1.8m SJ-1800 featuring single head is suitable for print shops with a small number of orders. Compared with 1.6m single-head SJ-1600, the printing speed is nearly the same but configured with stronger machine structure and longer printing width.


Entry Level
For start-ups, we also offer the cheapest entry-level printer SJ-1600 with single-head. With 1.6m printing width and brilliant quality and speed, enough to satisfy some customers’ demand.

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