Why not Recommend Used (Second-hand) UV Printer?

A sheer amount of people have asked if we OnePrint has used UV printers on sale. First, we don’t have. Second, we don’t recommend the users and customers to purchase second-hand UV printers whatever are 90% new. We know it’s for low initial cost considerations, but keep in mind, finding quality second-hand UV printers can be tough. We’ve all been taught that nothing is truly free, right?

This blog will talk about the disadvantages of second-hand UV printers.

  1. The core technology of UV printers is not mature. Especially when you buy a used printer modified from Epson desktop printers, you will get many problems hard to deal with.
  2. The UV printing machine as equipment can’t leave without after-sales service. If you purchase a second-hand UV printer, no factory warranty support, and technical guide, you will spend lots of time and money on maintenance. To some extent, it dramatically improves running cost.
  3. Compared to some original and new UV printers, perhaps used UV printers are more expensive as you need to replace the printhead. The printhead is the most core and costly part of the printing machine.
  4. Reselling used UV printers have happened with their reasons about this or that. You won’t know the actual reason until you use it, but there is no chance to regret. Therefore, stop it in the first place. Don’t be reduced into low price trap.

Conclusion: you can buy original and new UV printers at a competitive price if factory direct sales. Welcome to visit our factory.

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