What’s the Future of UV Inkjet Printing?

Unlike traditional (aka convention) inkjet printing machine, UV Printing was almost unheard until recent years, which is a relatively new technology allowing clients to print directly onto a various range of materials. It’s revolutionized the printer market due to simplify procedures. It now has the ability to print a finely detailed design onto hundreds of objects at faster speeds than previously.

UV Printing Process

UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses UV lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed. As the printer distributes ink on the media surface (called a “substrate”), specially configured UV lights follow close behind, curing – or drying – the ink instantly.

UV Printing Benefits

  1. UV digital printers have the ability to print directly upon coated, uncoated flat and roll media, as well as three-dimensional objects.
  2. After printing, the printed media is available for finishing, no need to add coating layer, save cost. The UV ink emits Little VOCs, litter odor, satisfying environmental policies
  3. The outdoor UV printing signs, banners, stickers can maintain 3-5 years without fading, yellowing, cracking, and 10 years around for indoor environment.
  4. uV printing quality is better than eco-solvent printing and solvent printing.
  5. The UV ink is drying and curing fast, maximizing production efficiency.
  6. The energy-saved UV led lamp is instantly on and off, no energy needed for warming-up and cooling down. No time required for workers to wait to begin working.
  7. Good light fastness and smear-resistance.
  8. Have a pleasant gloss of finished print output when adopting UV varnish, outdoor durability added, resistant to tear and wear.
  9. Spot embossed effects can be achieved with unique UV white ink. Able to print on dark, transparent and color surface.

UV Printing Applications

Applicable Media:

There is a broad range of UV flatbed printers’ substrates.

  • Soft media such as reflective film, canvas, carpet, leather, etc.;
  • Rigid media such as glass, acrylic, metal, ceiling, aluminum, wood, cardboard, door panels, corrugated board, plastic board, wooden crafts photo frame…
  • Various product cover media such as wallets, music player cover, camera cover, Bluetooth earphone cover, mobile phone cover, refrigerator cover, laptop outer cover can be printed, winebox cover, yoga mat, pens, golf ball, bottles…

Applicable industry:

Signage industry, building materials industry (3D embossed wallpaper), packaging industry, electronic appliances, glass industry, leather goods, decoration industry, personalized industry…


Simply put, the future of UV printing is a bright one due to many advantages over traditional printing.

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