Why are UV Printers Head Easily Clogged or Blocked?

Compared to other wide format printers, UV printers are more likely to get head clogged/ blocked by the characteristic of UV ink. Many customers are upset about printhead clogged due to the expensive head price and time-consuming. That’s why we write this. 

Printer head Clogged Reasons

To summarize, the printer head clogging happens for two main reasons:

Ink sedimentation

  • The ink that is used has no quality or expired.
  • When the printer is idle for a long time, lack of maintenance.

Ink drying 

  • The users take improper maintenance, not follow the user manual request.
  • The printers are exposed to strong sunlight environment for a long time.

Printhead clogged risk:

White Ink> Varnish> Color Inks (CMYKLcLm)


  • The main component of white ink is titanium dioxide, that easily causes sediments in a long time static state. Compared with color inks and clear ink(aka varnish), more likely blocked nozzles.
  • And the varnish is virtually a combination of resins, solvents, and resins, or oils and solvents, featuring larger particles than UV inks. So that it easily blocked printhead, especially for small droplet size Epson printhead.

Solutions: How to avoid head clogged?

Avoid ink sediments.

  • The printers must be equipped with a white ink stirring system or white ink circulation system. As the white ink is more likely to block.
  • Select quality inks, prior to the original ink, store them in the right environment.
  • Activate the self-automated cleaning system regularly if you are not going to use the printer.
  • Change the consumables often (every 2 – 3 months) from ink bottles, ink dampers and wipers and cap top as well.

Avoid ink drying.

  • Operating the proper daily maintenance and cleaning the powder created from printing.
  • Avoid printer exposure under direct strong sunlight environment and UV lighting resources as well.

The Internal Structure of Printhead

Some beginners are unfamily with printhead struture. Take Epson DX5 as an example, the internal is refined.

How to clean clogged head?

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