The Media Take Up System for Wide Format Printer

The media take-up system is one of the standard configurations for OnePrint large format printers, allowing unattended print runs and improved work efficiency.

It’s essential for large graphics or mass production banners, signs…for one-off personalized heat transfer items or signs, not necessary.

Virtually except for productivity enhancement, another biggest point is print quality improved by eliminating kinking and scratching of prints as they are moved from the printer to work tables or as they hit the floor.

Today, we mainly talk about several types of media take-up system that roll-to-roll printers used.

1. Single Motor Media Take Up System / Dual Motor Media Take Up System


a. It has a simple structure, easy to install, easy to use.

b. Low cost, commonly used by most printer suppliers.


a. The motor service life is short.

The motor has to continuously rotate to keep media printing in tension for a long time. Once the motor stops, the printed media cannot be tensioned.

If you turn on the machine after a pause, the rewinding media cannot do flat and affect the quality of printing.

b. The take up system cannot support heavy media.

Owing to the simple structure, it can not collect heavy media, too large torsion will cause deformation and too little torsion will fail to collect.

Comparison of Single Motor and Dual Motor Take Up System

By contrary to single motor take up system, there is only an extra motor added in dual motor take up system, leading to longer motor lifespan and heavier media supported.

2. The Constant Tension Media Take Up System


a. Neat media collection, it has the ability to wind thin or heavy media.

b. Save maintenance cost in terms of long motor lifespan.

With automatic induction work, the motor use time is limited, thus the lifespan will be longer.

c. The tension roller has a constant force, affecting little on printing quality, suitable for fabrics with little elasticity, thin paper, and normal printing media.


a. The cost is relatively more expensive than single/double motor take up system.

b. The collected media will be skewing and warping for long print runs.

3. Inflatable Roller Take Up System(Air Shaft Take Up System)


a. It can support heavy print media, ease-of-use.

b. The inflatable roller is made of high strength steel, effectively avoid deformation caused by heavy media, satisfying industrial production.

Difference between Constant Tension and Inflatable Roller Take Up System

They both can collect media neatly, but the inflatable roller take up system can support heavier media than constant tension take up system without media skewing and deformation.

4. Professional Soft Film Take Up System

The tension varies from different printed materials. When print soft films, an additional take up system is required to automatically adjust tension for solving bulging problems caused by the uneven tightness of the material itself, so that the tension of the material is balanced in the whole printing process. Thus superior printing quality can be guaranteed.

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