OnePrint SJ-3200 Series
Banner Printer

Printhead : Epson XP600
Print Width : 3200 mm (126 inch / 10 feet)
Ink : Eco Solvent Ink
Color : CMYK, CMYK + LcLm
Speed : 45 sqm / hour on 4 pass

Meet OnePrint SJ-3200 series large format banner printer, built with dual staggered Epson printhead, robust machine structure, 3.2m max printing width, and 1400dpi precision, quality and productivity are built-in. Expedite the production process while not sacrificing performance. Truly a versatile machine that empowering business to enlarge profitability.

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Stunning Quality & Brilliant Speed

The OnePrint SJ series is available in 64-inch, 74-inch and 126-inch, features Epson printheads and original inks that combine to fire high precision droplet in 3 different sizes: small, middle, large to enhance precision and smooth gradations.

Epson XP600

The speed is 10-20% faster than DX5. The lifespan can be 60-80% of DX5 with good maintenance. The price is 200USD, merely one-fifth of DX5. Ideal for start-ups.

(The print accuracy which based on droplet size is comparable to DX5.)

All Aluminum Structure Improves Accuracy

Different from other suppliers, we adopt new design aluminous platform and capping station to avoid deformation, ensuring the smooth movement of the carriage, more stable, reliable and durable.

Good Ink is Half Done

The original and new eco solvent ink features good media adapting, good tinting and high gloss with less odor and RoHS certified. Capable to deliver exceptional solid color and smooth gradations at high speed print modes. Balance both the environmental friendly and business needs.

Built-in Heating system

Only for perfect print results.

The SJ-3200 inkjet printer comes standard with built-in pre-heater, middle-heater, and infrared drying system, together with optional front Heater, designed to dry prints quickly, even at high-speed modes. All while produces highly saturated images, color reproduction, eliminating the need of a stand-alone heater. It saves start-up costs and labor cost, largely improving profit margins.

Smart Integrated Control Panel

Take charge of the whole printer in one place.

Hoson Main Board

Currently, Hoson board has been the mainstream application for Chinese printers, that eliminates your trouble of maintenance and replacement.

Vacuum Platform

Make media tightly adhere to the platform for impressive performance.

Advanced Feeding and Take Up System

The SJ-3200 series accelerate the production process featuring with an advanced media feeding and take-up system that accommodates rolls of up to 330pounds(150kg) for long unattended printing. Adjustable print heads enable the SJ-3200 to print on a wide range of media thicknesses.

Negative Ink Supply System

For a busy print shop, you exactly need one print machine equipped with a continuous ink supply system. Give you the ability to replace inks without having to stop and restart the printer, support for unattended long-time print runs, large time savings while efficiency improved.

Lifelong Reliable Service

Backed by unmatched service and support, OnePrint all printers & devices are built to provide years of reliable performance.
After-sales include quality guaranteed, online support, onsite services, guide videos, informative articles.
And so much above, help you keep away from troubles.

  Model No. SJ-3202X SJ-3204X
  Printhead XP600 (2 pcs) XP600 (4 pcs)
  Printing Width Max 3200 mm (126 inch / 10.5 feet)
  Resolution Max 1440dpi
  Printhead Height 1 ~ 5mm above from media, Adjustable
  Speed 2 Pass 70 m2/h
  4 Pass 45 m2/h 35 m2/h
  6 Pass 32 m2/h
  8 Pass 22 m2/h
  Main Board Hoson
  Media Type Vinyl, Flex banner, One way vision, Mesh, Banner cloth, PP etc.
  Application Large-format outdoor and indoor signage; Advertising industry
  Ink Type Eco Solvent Ink
  Color CMYK, CMYK + LcLm
  Droplet 1.5pl ~ 21pl variable
  Capacity 1.5L/bottle per color
  Supply   System Negative pressure ink supply system
  Heating System Standard: Pre-heater, Front-heater, Infrared drying system
Optional: Middle-heater, Fan drying system
  Feed & Take Up System Automatic feeding and take up system (the maximum media weight is 150KG)
  Cleaning System Automatic cleaning; Anti-clogged flash function; Capping system
  RIP Software Standard: Maintop
Optional: PhotoPrint / UltraPrint
  Envronment Temperature: 20-30℃; Humidity: 50-65%
  Computer Configuration WIN7 and above, 64bits; C disk with SSD 150G, attached disk 1TB;
CPU I5 processor and above, 8G memory, ASUS motherboard 3.0GHZ
  Power Machine power: 800W; External heating: 1200W
  Size & Weight Machine L4550 x W1000 x H1600 mm / 540 KG
  Packing L4590 x W1015 x H1500 mm / 760 KG


How to deliver printers to Ecuador?

We can send our printing machine to any country by sea or by air. The sea freight is slow but cheap.

What's your warranty?

For our printers, we provide 1-year trouble-free warranty and online support for some expensive parts like circuit boards, power box, motor;


During the warranty period, we will send free parts for replacement by DHL, while you should bear a one-way cost for sending back the broken parts.


(Besides, in order to encourage customers to use our OnePrint original ink, then get the best performance. If you continuously order inks from us >100 each printer each year, you get the lifetime warranty.)

How many square meters can I throw with XP600 head or how much average life does it have? (SJ-3200)

The lifespan of XP600 printhead is about 6 to 8 months, and lifespan for ink: 1 to 1.5 year.

And for ink, we suggest you store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

The difference between 4 colors printer and 6 colors printer.

6-color printing is more vivid. But for Eco solvent machine, we always recommend working with 4 colors. Because the speed will be much faster. And the 4-color printing is quite enough.