Mimaki UCJV150-160
Printing Cutting Machine

Print Width : 1600 mm (64 inch)
UV Ink : C, M, Y, K
Speed : 15.7 SqM (169 SqFt) per hour

UCJV150-160 Price : USD19,800

The Mimaki UCJV150-160 UV-LED cut-and-print device offers a range of applications and versatility, and affordability. Print and cut – or cut first then print – labels, decals, vehicle markings, packaging prototypes, etc., all on one unit. Flexible 4-color UV cure inks expand the possibilities for you to offer unique capabilities to keep you competitive.

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What you can do with the Mimaki UCJV150-160 Cut-and-Print Device

Signage / Point-of-purchase displays / Banners / Posters / Exhibition graphics / Packaging prototypes and more…

Highlights of the Mimaki UCJV150-160 Cut-and-Print Device

Versatility in a UV Roll-based Printer

The UCJV150-160 model can produce a wide variety of applications, including labels, decals, vehicle markings, packaging prototypes, etc. UV-LED curing technology enables print service providers to use a wider range of media that may be too sensitive for latex or solvent systems that require heat to fix the ink.

Integrated Cutting Capability

The integrated cut functionality enables volume production of labels, decals, window clings, floor graphics, POP displays, vehicle markings, packaging and prototypes, and more in a single unit. Additionally, the ability to pre-cut before printing prevents common problems such as film separation and other issues related to post-cutting on thin materials.

ID Cut Function in RasterLink6 Plus Software

The UCJV150-160 will ship with updated RasterLink6 plus software that includes an ID Cut function to make printing and cutting easier and faster. Along with registration marks, RasterLink6 plus software will include a bar code on the print. The barcode, read by the crop mark sensor on the UCJV150-160, contains cutting and rotation information allowing the UCJV150-160 to automate the cutting process. This function is particularly useful when running nested print-cut jobs, as the printer continuously reads the data for both single and ganged jobs.

Instant-dry for Instant Use

UCJV150-160 prints are instantly-cured at even the highest production speeds meaning you can quickly print and immediately move to finished product, unlike other technologies that require slower production to accommodate for dry time or out-gassing. For many jobs, instant-dry, durable, UV printing and cutting can also eliminate the need for additional finishing, so you can reduce time to sale while recognizing additional cost savings.

Mimaki Core Technologies

On-board Mimaki Technologies included for exceptional print quality and continued productivity:

Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4 (MAPS4) – utilizes an advanced algorithm pattern to reduce visible banding.

Variable Dot Printing (VDP) – uses smaller drops to produce smoother gradations, while larger drops produce uniform solids.

Waveform Control (WFC) – utilizes finely tuned frequencies for each ink’s specific gravity and viscosity to precisely shape and place individual drops.

Mimaki Circulation Technology (MCT) – continuously agitates the white inks to prevent settling.

Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) – monitors nozzle outages and automatically activates a series of recovery functions.

Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) – automatically assigns operational nozzles when an outage is detected.

Half Cut (HC) – a proprietary function where the backing sheet can be cut leaving behind a small connecting point that can be easily detached when necessary, ensuring contour cut pieces are easier to handle with less waste.

Over Cut (OC) – makes a cross cut at the start and end positions so the finished piece has sharp edges with no undercut fragments.

Continuous (C) – crop marks are automatically and continuously detected for accurate cutting.

Segment (S) – detects intermediate crop marks in feed direction and enables four-point corrections for each segment for accurate, long-length cutting, even if the image is distorted.

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Print System On-demand piezo, 1 print head, 4 color channels
Maximum Print Width 63.38 inches (1610 mm)
Print Resolutions 300, 600, 900, 1200 dpi
Maximum Print Speed Up to 168 SqFt/Hr (15.6 SqM/Hr)
Ink Type Mimaki LUS-170/LUS-175 UV ink: C, M, Y, K
Ink Capacity 1 liter ink bottles
Maximum Media Thickness Up to 0.04″ (1 mm)
Maximum Media Width 63.77 inches (1620 mm)
Maximum Rolled Weight 88 lbs. (40 kg)
Operational Environment Temp: 68.86˚ – 86˚ F (20˚ – 30˚ C)
35-65% RH (non-condensing)
Connectivity Ethernet, USB
Power supply AC100V~240V x2
Dimensions (W x D x H) 114.12” x 30.5” x 58.1” (2900 mm x 770 mm x 1470 mm)
Weight 404 lbs. (183 kg)


What is the Rip software of Mimaki printer?

Rip software is Rasterlink.

Do your Mimaki printers include a warranty?

We provide 12 months warranty for the Mimaki printers we provide and same warranty to all of our printers.

Why you sell Mimaki printer rather than Roland and Mutoh?

Learning: Why sell Mimaki printer: https://theoneprint.com/learnings/roland-mutoh-mimaki-printer/