OnePrint SOL-C4/C8
Konica 512i Solvent Printer

Printhead :KM-512i
Print Width : 3200mm (126 inch)
Ink : Eco Solvent Ink
Color : C M Y K
Speed : 240 sqm / hour on 8 heads & 2 pass

To facilitate high-volume outdoor signage production, OnePrint launches the newly solvent printer called SOL-C4 & SOL-C8. With robust Konica KM-512i printhead to bring you unrivaled print speed up to 240㎡/h and distinguished output quality than ever before. Ideal for processing media like flex banner, vinyl, one way vision, mesh, PVC fabrics, paper etc.

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Top Quality Spare Parts

Best parts, best printer.

BYHX / UMC Main Board Available

We supply you the most mainstream and reliable circuit system for inkjet printers- BYHX system, and UMC system is also available.

High Precision Guaranteed

OnePrint adopts all aluminum beam & XY axis belt fixation clamp to ensure the smooth movement of the carriage. Totally 34pcs pinch rollers to ensure media evenly moving. The vacuum platform system makes media tightly adhere to the platform.

4 in 1 Heating Control System

It is convenient for you to control the whole heating system in one place, eliminating the need for operation movement.

Four Heating System

Just for perfect print results.

Pre-heater: before printing, heat the media to the optimum temperature.
Middle Heater: Dry ink when print, making ink more firmly attached to the media surface.
Front Heater: Enhance color fidelity, thus superior finished print quality can be guaranteed.
Printhead Heater: Benefit for improving ink adhesion during the process of carriage moving.

Automatic Feeding System

The OnePrint SOL-C4 & SOL-C8 are configured with an automated feeding system for productivity maximization. Largely reduce time-consuming.

Bulk Ink Supply System

In order to maintain accurate high-quality printing, even during long production runs, the printer utilizes bulk ink supply system to take productivity to a new stage.

Lifelong Reliable Service

Backed by unmatched service and support, OnePrint all printers & devices are built to provide years of reliable performance.
After-sales include quality guaranteed, online support, onsite services, guide videos, informative articles.
And so much above, help you keep away from troubles.

  Model No. SOL-C4 SOL-C8 SOL-CK8
  Printhead 4 x KM512i 8 x KM512i 8 x KM512
  Printing Width Max 3200mm (126in.)
  Resolution Max 480*360dpi, 480*540dpi, 480*720dpi
  Printer Control System BYHX / UMC (optional)
  Speed 2 Pass 120 m2/h 240 m2/h 80 m2/h
  3 Pass 80 m2/h 160 m2/h 52 m2/h
  4 Pass 60 m2/h 125 m2/h 40 m2/h
  Media Type Vinyl, Flex banner, One way vision, Mesh, Banner cloth, PP etc.
  Application Large-format outdoor and indoor signage; Advertising industry
  Ink Type Solvent-based Ink
  Color C M Y K
  Droplet 30pl 30pl 42pl
  Capacity 1L/bottle per color
  Equipment Continuous ink supply system + Separate ink purge system
  Heating System Pre-heater, Middle heater, Front heater, Printhead heater, Infrared heating system
  Feed & Feed & Take Up System Automatic feeding and take up system (the maximum media weight is 150KG)
  Auto Cleaning System Automatic cleaning, Anti-clogged flash function, Capping system
  RIP Software UltraPrint
  Envronment Temperature: 20-30℃; Humidity: 50-65%
  Computer Configuration WIN7 and above, 64bits; C disk with SSD 150G, attached disk 1TB;
CPU I5 processor and above, 8G memory, ASUS motherboard 3.0GHZ
  Power Machine power: 800W; External heating: 1200W
  Size & Weight Machine L4600 x W970 x H1470mm / 700KG
  Packing L4710 x W1150 x H1580mm / 835KG


Can I upgrade from 4-head to 8-head? (KM-512i)

Yes, you can.

The upgrade is easy, the printer is built with options for 8 printheads. Simply install 4 new printheads, then select 8 heads mode in printconsole.

How long can signs put oudoors without fading?

About one year, depending on the environment, temperature and humility.

What the different between two Main Board (UMC & BYHX) and which one is better?

BYHX is the most mainstream and reliable circuit system for inkjet printers, better and more stable than UMC. (SOL-C8 is equipped with BYHX main board)

How is printer with spare parts?

We recommend users to buy a spare parts package for long term maintenance. We have suggested spare part package for each printer.

Is there Take Up with the machine?

SOL-C4 is equipped with multi-function media feeding system, no take-up system. But take-up system is optional, USD 300 / set.

How to calculate the media price?

Here is price list, please check. Price based on each square meter (sqm).
So for example, the 440gsm flex banner, code A4, 0.65USD/ sqm. Then 3.2*50m per roll, is 3.2*50*0.65= 104USD/ roll. You can tell me the item code and width of your required material, then I will calculate the price of one roll for you.