OnePrint SOL-S8 Series
Large Format Solvent Printer

Printhead :Konica 512i (8 pcs)
Print Width : 3200 mm
Ink : Solvent Ink
Color : C M Y K
Speed : 240 sqm / hour on 2 pass

OnePrint S8 solvent printer is equipped with Konica KM-512i industrial-class head, dedicated to providing excellent performance, ultra-high speed, long service life, easy usage, low maintenance, and high functionality, ensuring you easily win big order. It has gained a lot of appreciation from valuable clients ever since launched.

The S8 has the same print head as C8 solvent printer, but higher standard because of luxury parts, excellent mechanical precision, and special configuration. The best is what suits your demand, and remember you get what you pay.

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  • Compact design/ high resolution/ scratch resistant;
  • It’s one kind of piezo on-demand printhead with a total of 512 nozzles;
  • The KM-512i boosts a wide range of ink compatibility, including solvent, UV, oil…
  • Normally no head clogging because of 30pl droplet size;
  • Deliver class-leading print quality at truly high speed. (S8 achieves 240 sqm/h on 2 passes)


RIP Software
Honsoft UltraPrint

Servo Motor
Japanese PANASONIC 400W AC

Japanese NSK

Linear Guide
Taiwan Hiwin with 2 pcs mute sliders

Plastic Tube Connector

Drag Chain
Germany IGUS

Power Cable
Germany IGUS

Italy Megadyne

Autonics Sensor

DC Ink Pump

Solenoid Valve

20cm Main Beam for the Body

20*20cm, super big and strong, it’s the basic support for the whole printer.

20mm Y Axis Bar

The bigger Y axis helps the feeding become more stable, bellow 5mm difference with printing of 10m length, very easy for joint.

4.4m Aluminum Beam

Strong and high precision aluminum beam, processed by professional CNC, ensure the machine accuracy around 0.05mm.

Hoson UltraPrint RIP Software

UltraPrint Rip Software is an advanced print-on-demand management system designed for high-volume document production with the highest precision.
UltraPrint can directly process file formats like TIF, PDF, PS, PCL files.

Negative Pressure Ink Supply System

  • More fluent ink supply than positive ink supply system;
  • Time-saving and convenient;
  • Reduction in printing costs by 10-30%;
  • Continuous printing of large print jobs with less often replaces an empty ink cartridge.

Intelligent Infrared Heating System

The SOL-S8 solvent printer comes standard with rear-platform-front heater and infrared heating system to heat media to a high temperature, enhancing ink absorption.

Pre-heater: Before printing, heat the media to the optimum temperature.

Middle Heater: Dry ink when print, making ink more firmly attached to the media surface.

Front Heater: Enhance color fidelity, thus superior finished print quality can be guaranteed.

Infrared Drying System: Additional new heating technology, drying ink effectively and efficiently.

Ease-of-use Operation

The S8 solvent printer is equipped with a working platform for computer& free LCD, as well as 4 in 1 heating control panel. It’s convenient for workers to go through the entire workflow and control the whole operation in one place without moving, save time and space.

Multifunction Feeding and Take-up System

The advanced media feeding and take-up system are configured especially for high volume industrial print jobs, production efficiency improved, and easily avoiding media wrinkling and skewing.

Independent take up system (Optional)

Aluminum XY Bracket

Aluminum made, good precision.

Adjustable Vacuum for Printing Bed

Adjust vacuum power to accommodate variously sized and thick media, making media surface tightly attached to the printing bed, thus a high-quality image can be guaranteed.

Unique Printhead ProtectionStack

As the most expensive replaced part of the printer, effectively preventing print head from damaged in a way that lower maintenance coat in the longest print runs.

Printhead Cleaning and Maintenance System

Effectively cleaning the print head will largely reduce head clogged risk, and thus daily maintenance gets easier.

Aluminum Beam

Not easy to cause deformation, good for carriage smooth movement.

20MM Y Motion Axis

The bigger Y axis helps the feeding become more stable.

LED Lights for Printing Bed

Check print work clearly even at night.

36pcs of Pinch Roller

To keep the feeding more stable.

Lift Type Carriage

Adopt adjustable carriage height to hold more media types.

Lifelong Reliable Service

Backed by unmatched service and support, OnePrint all printers & devices are built to provide years of reliable performance.
After-sales include quality guaranteed, online support, onsite services, guide videos, informative articles.
And so much above, help you keep away from troubles.

  Model No. SOL-S8
  Printhead KM512i-30pl
  Machine Size L4580*W980*H1550 mm
  N.W. 890 kg
  G.W. 1040 kg
  Speed 8 x KM512i-30PL
  2 Pass (480*360 dpi) 240 ㎡/h
  3 Pass (480*540 dpi) 160 ㎡/h
  4 Pass (480*720 dpi) 125 ㎡/h


What's the difference between SOL-C8 and SOL-S8, they both apply with Konica 512i?

The S8 has the same print head as C8 solvent printer, but higher standard because of luxury parts, excellent mechanical precision, and special configuration. The best is what suits your demand, and remember you get what you pay.

It's my first time to buy large format solvent printer, can I install it easily?

Yes, installation is easy. You only need to install the printer leg, printhead, and software together with the printer. (For UV flatbed printer, it is the whole machine packed, you just need to install the printhead and calibration.)


We will send a USB Disk, including detailed manual and clear installation video, guide you install, operate, and maintain the printer. You will find it’s very easy.


Even if you still have questions, our experienced technician will help you online by Skype/Whatsapp/email/remote assistant-team viewer. So you can rest assured.

How often do I need to clean the print head so that the nozzles don't get clogged?

It’s better to clean the head every day before start printing. If the printer will be leave unused for a long time, you should uninstall the printhead and wrap it with cleaning solution inside.

Do you support installment?

Sorry, we don’t support installment.

Do you have some printing videos? You know it's difficult to pay what I never see.

Yes, I quiet understand your consideration. You can follow our youtube channel: OnePrint Large Format Printer.