OnePrint FP-1800 Series
Direct to Fabric Printer

Printhead : Epson EPS3200 (4720) / 5113
Print Width : 1800 mm (74 inch / 6 feet)
Ink : Sublimation Ink
Color : C M Y K
Speed : 65 sqm / hour on 3 pass

The FP-1800 series adopts an advanced inkjet technology that could print directly onto non-stretch textiles without transfer paper, far exceeding conventional print and transfer process. Largely save production time and labor cost through simplified procedures, making it the best option for advertising & textile market.

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Dual Epson Printhead Optional

Two kinds of Epson printhead is optional to handle customers’ various needs, like speed, quality and maintenance cost.
With the staggering printhead and 1440dpi optimized precision to bring you the best output.

The Difference between EPS 3200 ( Epson 4720) and Epson 5113 Printhead

Epson EPS3200

Nearly the same as Epson 5113 printhead in appearance, specification and performance, but gain much popularity in customers due to cheaper price and sufficient supply, and that Epson 5113 has already stopped to produce. Recommend it.

Epson 5113

It is an alternative of DX5 when utilizing water-based ink. However, EPS3200 has increasingly replaced it with rich supply and ink compatibility.

Integrated Color Fixation Unit

With a built-in heating device, allow simultaneous printing and color fixation, dry prints quickly even in high-speed mode, largely saving production time and optimizing finished print quality.

Colorful Application

A staggered dual Epson printhead setup and variable dot control technology is the core of stunning print quality, meantime the speed of present generation can be 65㎡/h max.

Specifically targeted at the sampling of short-run on-demand and the production of high-quality flag banners, such as company flags, country flags, beach flags, as well as personalized advertising, home textile, garments interior deco fabrics etc.

About the media

Thanks to the head height range from 1~5mm to accommodate a wide mixture of fabrics (both short and long fiber fabrics available), specifically print on closed, open non-stretch and limited stretch fabrics, such as polyester, chemical fiber, spandex, polyacrylic fiber etc.

Continuous Ink Supply System

The printer FP-1800 includes continuous ink supply system standard, it’s one of the most effective ways to reduce the cost, and enable unattended printing for long print runs, freeing staff to work on other subjects.

Advanced Media Handling

The FP-1800 series come standard with an automated media feeding and take up system for immediate finishing, installation, and collection. The maximum media loading weight – and this is a conservative estimate – could be 75KG.

Lifelong Reliable Service

Backed by unmatched service and support, OnePrint all printers & devices are built to provide years of reliable performance.
After-sales include quality guaranteed, online support, onsite services, guide videos, informative articles.
And so much above, help you keep away from troubles.

  Model No. FP-1802S FP-1803S FP-1802F FP-1803F
  Printhead EPS3200 (2 pcs) EPS3200 (3 pcs) Epson 5113 (2 pcs) Epson 5113 (3 pcs)
  Printing Width Max 1800 mm (74 inch / 6 feet)
  Resolution Max 1440dpi
  Printhead Height 1 ~ 5mm from media, Adjustable
  Speed 2 Pass 60 m2/h 60 m2/h
  3 Pass 50 m2/h 65 m2/h 50 m2/h 65 m2/h
  4 Pass 40 m2/h 45 m2/h 40 m2/h 45 m2/h
  Main Board Hoson
  Media Type Polyester, chemical fiber, spandex, polyacrylic fiber etc.
  Application Company flags, Country flags, Beach flags, Personalized advertising home textile, Garments, Interior decor fabrics etc.
  Ink Type Sublimation Ink
  Color C M Y K
  Droplet 1.5pl ~ 21pl variable
  Capacity 1.5L/bottle per color
  Equipment Continuous ink supply system
  Heating System Chromogenic machine
  Feed & Take Up System Automatic feeding and take up system
  Cleaning System Automatic cleaning, Anti-clogged flash function, Capping system
  RIP Software Maintop, PhotoPrint (optional)
  Envronment Temperature: 20-30℃; Humidity: 50-65%
  Computer Configuration WIN7 and above, 64bits; C disk with SSD 150G, Attached disk 1TB;
CPU I5 processor and above, 8G memory, ASUS motherboard 3.0GHZ
  Power Machine power: 800W, External heating: 1200W
  Size & Weight Machine L2980 x W880 x H1680mm / 226KG
  Packing L3080x W840 x H760mm / 308KG


What is the difference between sublimation and flag printing?

Sublimation printer can print on heat transfer paper and then you should transfer the images on to the material, such as T-shirt, hat, etc.
Flag printing machine can print on polyester directly.

The console can be configured in spanish?

The print console is English only. But we can provide online support to guide you how to use the print console.

(The optional RIP software PhotoPrint can be Spanish. It’s USD250 / set.)

How often do I need to clean the print head so that the nozzles don't get clogged?

It’s better to clean the head every day before start printing. If the printer will be leave unused for a long time, you should uninstall the printhead and wrap it with cleaning solution inside.

What's the way of your payment?

If use our forwarder agent to arrange to ship, you can pay 30% in advance as the down payment. Then pay balance based on the scanned copy of B/L(Bill of Lading).

If using your own agent, the 100% need to be paid before delivery. Before delivery, we can send you videos of printing test, and photos of machine packing. So you can check.

If we need to replace some part of the printer how long is going to last the delivery?
  1. During the warranty, we will send the new parts for replacement by DHL for free, while you have to send the broken one to us.
  2. Out of the warranty, we can also provide the service, but you need to pay the cost of parts and freight also.
  3. And the parts under warranty can be found in the OnePrint Warranty Certificate.