Aluminum Carriage Beam
Dual Linear Guide Rail

Low Ink Alarm System

High Precision
Screw Transmission

Continuous Ink Supply System

Aluminum Platform

Imported Drag Chain

Nozzle Anti-collision
Protection System

Best-in-class UV Led Lamp

Table / Cylinder Switch
UV Lamp Power Switch

Emergency Switch

Adjust Table Button

Cooling Fan
Water Circulation





Printhead Epson XP2000 (2 pcs) Epson XP2000 (2 pcs) Epson XP2000 (2/3 pcs)
Printing Size 33*50 cm 60*60 cm 90*60 cm
LED Lamp Quantity Single Single Single(2 heads)
Dual(3 heads)
Printhead Height 20 cm adjustable 20 cm adjustable 20 cm adjustable
Color Modes CMYK(LcLm) + White CMYK(LcLm) + White CMYK(LcLm) + White + Varnish
(support multi-layer printing)
Special Function Unable to install rotary device
(used for cylinder printing)
Support rotary device installation Support rotary device installation
Promo Price

USD 4500

USD 4900

USD 6800

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Hoson Printing System

The mainstream Hoson printing system has been adopted by many famous-brand printers, achieving high-stability and high-quality inkjet printing while eliminating your trouble of maintenance and replacement.

UltraPrint Rip Software Available

Only UltraPrint is available, as it is the original rip software developed by the same team of the printing system (Hoson), achieving the best print quality than others (Maintop, Photoprint). Able to directly process file formats like TIF, PDF, PS, PCL files as below shown.

The High-Quality Eco-UV Ink

Green: OnePrint adopt high-quality UV ink, with little VOCs, litter odour, environmental-friendly.
Durability: outdoor UV printing signs, banners can maintain 3-5 years without fading, yellowing, cracking, and 10 years around for indoor environment.
Service Life: One year. After one year, if there is no much sediment inside, maybe you can still use it, but there will be a risk of printhead clogging.
Storage: we suggest you store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.
Printing Cost: 1-liter UV ink can print around 60sqm impressive print.

Adjustable UV Lamp Power

Also, the UV lamp power is adjustable to adapt a wide range of media surfaces for working the best in curing UV ink, which ensures brilliant and vibrant printing effects.

Variable Dot Control Technology

Variable dot control achieves smooth gradations and superb contrast by producing 3 different sized droplets.

Epson XP2000 European Edition

The Epson XP2000 printhead is cheap, fast and high precision.
Spec: 6*180=1080 nozzles, 720x1440dpi max, 3.5pl ink droplet.
Price: Only 300USD due to sufficient supply, affordable by most customers.
Service Life: It’s normally 0.5~1 year (depending on actual usage), can be extended due to regular maintenance.

What’s the difference between Epson 1390 and Epson XP2000 head?
  • First, the A3 size UV flatbed printer equipped with Epson 1390 printhead is probably refitted from Epson desktop printer, and that uncertain whether the desktop printer is original or second-hand.
  • The biggest apparent flaw of the modified printer is short service life, and the lifespan will even be much shorter in the condition of a second-hand desktop printer.
  • Then, the Epson 1390 printhead has already stopped production, and XP2000 is superior to provide a sharper image and longer lifespan).

Continuous Ink Supply System

Lift the productivity to a high level, allow long-time print runs without pause.

White Ink Stirring System

Effectively reduce the risk of printhead clogging, ensuring stunning print effect and increasing head lifespan.

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Color Modes

For UV-350 / UV-600 / UV-900 dual heads printer

CMYK(LcLm) + W: White ink is necessary for printing on transparent, black and colored surfaces, offering exceptional embossing and unique custom-textured effects. (e.g. Printing out Braille for blind people, especially the XP2000 head can even print 1mm letters.)
CMYK(LcLm): Light Cyan, Light Magenta for fine details and smooth gradations.

Multiple-layer Printing

for UV-900 three heads printer

The multiple-layer printing feature enables different printing modes

A. W + C M Y K + Varnish

Utilize white ink as an under base for transparent, black and colored substrates to reach exceptional embossing and unique custom-textured effects.

Varnish offers a similar look as lamination, but it’s much cheaper with good gloss effect. Meantime, the finished print is more durable, scratch-resistant and wash fast.

B. C M Y K + W

High-speed UV printing maximizes productivity.

C. C M Y K + W + C M Y K

Color-White-Color mode brings a totally new eye-popping design for transparent glass, acrylic, film, etc.

Customized Molds

Molds should be customized according to users’ requirements

Various customized molds allow you to print on a wide range of standard and nonstandard surfaces
(phone case, bottle, golf ball, pen, etc. )
Note: UV-350 can’t support cylinder (bottle) printing.

Phone Case

Check How-to


Check How-to

Golf Balls

Check How-to


Check How-to

Applicable Media

There are a broad range of UV flatbed printers’ substrates

20cm adjustable printhead height, the OnePrint desktop UV flatbed printer is ideally suited to giftware, souvenirs, packaging, embossed effects, displays, signage, personalized products, decoration, industrial marking, etc.

Hard Media :
Glass, Ceramic, Metal, Ceiling, Acrylic, Wood etc.

Soft Media :
PVC, PP, PE, Reflection Film, Leather, Carpet, Paper, Canvas etc.

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Printing Process

Truly “one day to start, two days to print, three days to be skilled”

Prior to shipment, the entire machine was calibrated and wrapped in a custom fumigation wooden box.

Simply install the printheads and connect to your computer to start a print job.

Metallic Coating

Glass/Tiles Coating

Acrylic Coating

Head Clean Liquid

Applicable Industry

Signage industry, building materials industry (3D embossed wallpaper), packaging industry, electronic appliances, glass industry, leather goods, decoration industry, personalized industry…

Advertising Industry

Building Materials Industry

Digital Product Industry

Crafts Industry

The whole machine will be packed into the wooden box, you only need to install printhead.

We will directly ship our printer from factory to the nearest port,
then by sea freight to your country, or by air if urgent.

+ Printer drive software and manual
+ Power cable
+ Printer software USB key
+ USB cable 1pc
+ Spare ink damper 2pcs
+ Injectors 6pcs

Packing Size Packing Weight
UV-350 L1200 x W980 x 900 mm 145 kg
UV-600 L1020 x W1710 x 900 mm 175 kg
UV-900 L1360 x W1750 x 960 mm 230 kg

If use our forwarder agent to arrange to ship, you can pay 50% in advance as the down payment. Then pay balance based on the scanned copy of B/L (Bill of Lading).
If using your own agent, the 100% need to be paid before delivery. Before delivery, we can send you videos of printing test, and photos of machine packing. So, you can check.

Support Bank Transfer, TT, PayPal, West Union.
(other payment methods, pls contact our sales.)

Note: Installment is unsupported.

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For all OnePrint printers and devices, we offer 1-year trouble free warranty, online support, onsite service, user installation manual and guide video…

1.During the warranty, we will send the new parts for replacement by DHL for free, while you should bear a one-way cost for sending back the broken parts.

2.Out of the warranty, we can also provide the service, but you need to pay the cost of parts and freight also.

3. And the parts under warranty can be found in the OnePrint Warranty Certificate.


We support OEM service to satisfy more personalized production.

Support for FREE Print Sample

We can send you printing videos and free print samples to check print quality,
and you should only bear DHL cost.

How to buy printer from OnePrint?

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Can it print on fabric like t-shirts, hoodies?

Yes, it requires textile pigment ink to print on t-shirts.
You’ll need to change/clean the printhead, and replace ink tube, damper, ink cap before changing inks.

Printing is unidirectional or bidirectional?

Bidirectional printing with dual heads.

Can I use UV flatbed printer to write names and print numbers on football/soccer?

Sorry, cannot print a large area directly on round football, only for a small area.

How many pens can it print at a time? (UV-350)

Around 40, depends on the size of the pen.

On average how many pens can you print with 1liter each of ink?

Usually 1 Liter ink can print thousands of pens, and also depends on the size of pen.

Do you have to use any primer or liquid to print on aluminum or plastic pens?

Yes, we have the pre-treatment liquid, but it is not necessary for the pens.
Note: if the surface of the material is very smooth, it will be better to use the liquid for a solid adhesion.
Additional, for some balls, may also need to do the pre-treatment, because there is a lot of friction.

I want to know when buying the machine, you put spare parts ? if so which ones.

USB flash, software dongle, USB cable, syringe, damper.

Photoprint or Onyx RIP, what is the additional cost?

Only Ultraprint is available, as it is the original rip software developed by the same team of the printing system. It achieved best print quality than others.

Does UV flatbed printer have dual UV LED lamps?

Single UV LED lamp for UV-350 (33x50cm) and UV-600 (60x60cm) dual heads models.
Dual UV LED lamps for UV-900 (90x60cm) 3 heads models.

Does it have automatic measure thickness system?

No, you need to measure the material thickness manually, then fill in the thickness data into the printer software.
It will adjust the printhead height automatically. easy and accurate. For the auto thickness detection function, it is easy, and we have ability to add. But it is no use. Especially when you will print transparent material like glass, acrylic.
Besides, as you know the more electronic part the printer has, the easier to have problem.
So, we only contain the most necessary, helpful and stable function for our machines.

OnePrint UV flatbed printers are arranged with white ink stirring system to avoid head clogging, but someone think white ink circulation system is better.

It’s a scam.
Just a technical gimmick for some suppliers to promote the printer level and price. For white ink circulation system, our several tests proven it’s not better than stirring system and excessive circulation will bring more ink sediments.
Meantime it requires the machine running all the time 7x24h, very noisy and energy-wasted.
The best method to prevent head from clogging is the quality of UV ink besides the head itself.