OnePrint FR-1800 Series
UV Hybrid Printer

Printhead : DX5, DX7, XP600
Print Width : 1830mm (74 in. )
Ink : Eco/UV Ink
Color : C M Y K + W; C M Y K
Speed : 40 sqm / hour on 4 pass

Diversify your business while saving space with OnePrint hybrid large-format printers that can print both roll and rigid media on one device. To help expand your revenue-producing opportunities, the FR-1800 series enables you to print on a vast array of media, including soft signages and rigid substrates up to 3cm thick. Built with superior quality, brilliant speed for maximum productivity. Offer your customers more specialty and value-added output.

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Vibrant Images and Brilliant Results

The OnePrint hybrid inkjet printer FR-1800 Series features best-in-class Epson printheads and original eco-solvent/ UV inks that combine to fire high precision droplet in 3 different sizes, delivering vibrant images and stunning speed that conventional printing can’t match. It works beautifully to print upon a large scope of substrates that can’t be easily duplicated by other digital printers.

Diversified Applications

The FR-1800 Series is equipped with a feed and delivery table, in addition to printing roll-to-roll, it enables direct printing on rigid media up to 30mm thickness and 30kg. Compact design, the table is foldable thereby saving space when not needed. Allowing for a smooth changeover between the roll and rigid media.

Automatic Feeding and Take Up System

The hybrid printer comes standard with automatic feeding and take up system. It ensures the stability of media handling and improves the efficiency of printing, suitable for massive media production.

The Intelligent Vacuum Platform System

The printer is equipped with the intelligent adjustable subarea suction system for different thickness materials, allowing media to tightly adhere to the platform, thus impressive print quality can be guaranteed.

Superior white ink printing

Printing with the high-density white inks, the FRU series offers bright and vivid colors on transparent and colored media. Thanks to the separate white ink circulation system, the FRU easily keeps the white ink properly mixed at all times for consistent and reliable printing.

magnetic Pinch Roller

Go ahead of some conventional domestic manufacturers, OnePrint has already upgraded plastic pinch roller to a metal magnetic one for higher accuracy of media movement.

Continuous Ink Supply System

It’s one of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of printing with inkjet printers, specifically ideal for those who print frequently with massive production by less often replacing the empty ink cartridge, saving ink wasted and productivity largely improved.

Eco-friendly UV-curing Technology

Balance both environment and business needs due to OnePrint original UV inks contain no VOC in the printing room that means no air purifier needed, minimizing energy usage thus money saves. As well as dynamic curing LED UV lamps to expand your applications and reduce cost.

Lifelong Reliable Service

Backed by unmatched service and support, OnePrint all printers & devices are built to provide years of reliable performance.
After-sales include quality guaranteed, online support, onsite services, guide videos, informative articles.
And so much above, help you keep away from troubles.

  Model No. FRE-1802 FRE-1804X FRU-1802 FRU-1804X
  Printhead DX5 / DX7 (2 pcs) XP600 (4 pcs) DX5 / DX7 (2 pcs) XP600 (4 pcs)
  Speed 4 Pass 30 m2/h 40 m2/h 15 m2/h 30 m2/h
  6 Pass 20 m2/h 30 m2/h 10 m2/h 20 m2/h
  8 Pass 15 m2/h 20 m2/h 7 m2/h 15 m2/h
  Printing Width Max 1830mm ( 74in. )
  Platform Width 800mm
  Meida Thickness Max 30mm
  Media Type Leather, KT board, Wallpaper, Soft film, Car stickers, Cloth etc.
  Application For roll and flat materials, Mainly used in leather industry, Home decoration industry, Advertising industry etc.
  Ink Type Eco solvent ink UV ink
  Color C M Y K C M Y K + W; C M Y K
  Droplet 1.5pl
  Capacity 1.5L/bottle per color
  Equipment Continuous ink supply system
  Cooling System LED UV water-cooling curing system
  Heating System External heating system ( IR optional)
  Feed & Take Up System Automatic feeding and take up system
  RIP Software Maintop / PhotoPrint (optional)
  Envronment Temperature: 20-30℃; Humidity: 50-65%
  Computer Configuration WIN7 and above, 64bits; C disk with SSD 150G, attached disk 1TB;
CPU I5 processor and above, 8G memory, ASUS motherboard 3.0GHZ
  Power Machine power: 800W; External heating: 1200W
  Size & Weight Machine L2362 x W900 x H1500mm / 152KG
  Packing L2440x W700 x H690mm / 220KG


What's your warranty of UV hybrid printer?

For our printers, we provide 1-year trouble-free warranty and online support for some expensive parts like circuit boards, power box, motor;


During the warranty period, we will send free parts for replacement by DHL, while you should bear a one-way cost for sending back the broken parts.


(Besides, in order to encourage customers to use our OnePrint original ink, then get the best performance. If you continuously order inks from us >100 each printer each year, you get the lifetime warranty.)

How do you give the support for education for the printers use?

We provide 2-day free training, you can send you technician to China. And also lifelong technical support online.

Does the operating system used on the machine come preconfigured for the machine to be turned on when it arrives?

we will provide the software and operating system, but you should install them in your computer by yourself.