OnePrint UV-600
Desktop UV Flatbed Printer

Printhead : XP2000
Print Width : 60×60 cm
Ink : UV Ink
Color : CMYK+W / CMYKLcLm+W
Speed : 60s for A4 size printing

The UV series have the ability to print on a wide range of substrates for outdoor and indoor use.
No matter soft or hard material, it can be a value-added product to bring more benefits.
Affordable, reliable, profitable, it delivers high-quality print day in and day out.

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White Ink Stirring System

Effectively reduce the risk of printhead clogging, ensuring stunning print effect and increasing head lifespan.

Variable Dot Technology

Variable dot control achieves smooth gradations and superb contrast by producing 3 different sized droplets.

State-of-the-art UV-LED Lamps

Built with low heat, longevity, energy-saving UV-LED lamps for hundreds of materials instant ink-curing, largely enhancing production efficiency.

Continuous Ink Supply System

Equipped with the continuous ink supply system to lift the productivity to a high level, allow long-time print runs without pause.

All Aluminum Guide Rail

OnePrint adopts advanced mute guide rail, the carriage moves smoothly with less noise.

Elevate your printing, expand what you print

Featuring a 60x60cm print area and 20cm adjustable printhead height,
the UV-600 is ideally suited to giftware, souvenirs, packaging, embossed effects,
displays, signage, personalized products, decoration, industrial marking etc.

Various Customized Molds Allow You Print on Wide Range of Standard and Nonstandard Surfaces

( phone case, ball, pen, bottle etc. )

Truly “one day to start, two days to print, three days to be skilled”

Before shipping, the whole machine has already been
calibrated and wrapped with customized fumigation wooden case.
Just connect to the computer, print jobs can be started.

Low Cost, High Profit

Factory direct sales to provide ultra-low price, experienced technicians offer tech-support.

Achieve one machine + one person + small stocks of supplies = Endless money totally ideal for those who want to start a printing business or tap into a new market.

Lifelong Reliable Service

Backed by unmatched service and support, OnePrint all printers & devices are built to provide years of reliable performance.
After-sales include quality guaranteed, online support, onsite services, guide videos, informative articles.
And so much above, help you keep away from troubles.

  Model No. UV-600
  Printing Width 60*60cm Max
  Printhead Dual XP2000
  Printhead Height 20cm Max
  Resolution 5760*1440dpi
  Printing Speed 60s for A4 full-size printing
  Ink Type UV Ink
  Color CMYK+W / CMYKLcLm+W
  Droplet 1.5-21pl
  Capacity 1L/bottle per color
  Supply System Continuous ink supply system, White ink stirring system, Low ink alarm system
  UV Lamp Cooling Water circulation, Cooling fan
  Media Type Canvas, Glass, Ceramic, Metal, Ceiling, Acrylic, Wood, PVC,PP, PE, Reflection film, Leather, Carpet, Paper etc.
  RIP Software Standard: Ultraprint
Optional: Photoprint / Onyx
  Envronment Temperature: 10-35℃; Humidity: 20-80%
  Voltage & Power 110/220V, 100W
  Operation System Windows 7, Windows 10
  Size & Weight Machine L1000 x W1360 x H630mm / 105KG
  Packing L1020 x W1710 x H900mm / 175KG


Does UV flatbed printer have dual UV LED lamps?
  • Single UV LED lamp for UV-350 (33x50cm) and UV-600 (60x60cm) dual heads models.
  • Dual UV LED lamps for UV-900 (90x60cm) 3 heads models.
Printing is unidirectional or bidirectional?

Bidirectional printing with dual heads.

Can Ultraprint be changed to PhotoPrint?

Ultra print: with the highest precision, and it can not be replaced easily now. Most of our customers are using this software. So we don’t recommend photoprint for UV flatbed printer.

Body color green can be changed?

Customization is available for bulk order only.

How long can inks be storage before getting bad to use?

One year. After one year, if there is no much sediment inside, maybe you can still use it. But there will be a risk of printhead clogging.

And we suggest you store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.