Custom label printing that distinguishes your brand

Custom label printing isn’t just a go-to promoting strategy. Personalized labels are an open door for businesses to convey expertness and boost the shoppers care experience. Create mailing labels customized to your clients or custom bottle labels with unique designs for stronger brand recognition and better review.

Time to Stand Out through Label Printing

Nothing would make your products stand out like attractive labels. Not only are they helpful for providing product information, label printing also allows you to brand your products to advance your business. And with so many label options to choose from, you can print labels for hundreds of products or occasions. Such as bottle labels, candle labels, warning labels, canning labels, name labels, beer labels, custom labels etc.

bottle labels

warning decals

customized USB drives

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Small Banner Printing Machine SJ-1600 Series

SJ-1600 is OnePrint entry-level eco solvent printer with single-head, suitable for startups newly tabbing into the advertising industry. 


Printhead : Epson XP600
Printhead Quantity : Single
Print Size:
1600 mm (64 inch / 5 feet)
Speed: 25 sqm / hour on 4 pass
Ink: Eco Solvent Ink
Color: CMYK, CMYK + LcLm

Media :Vinyl, flex banner, one way vision, mesh, banner cloth, PP etc.

Labels, Decals and Packaging Samples

An integrated roll media handling system is incorporated for packaging, label production and proofing. Multiple color combinations allow a diverse range of decoration processes that can revolutionize the printing of labels, decals and packaging samples. Yet the OnePrint UV series can give prints a high-end appearance with custom-texture and special effect by the use of varnish, such as faux leather and crocodile skin.

shipping labels

Packaging stickers

White Ink and Varnish

OnePrint users can add drama and originality to their label printing with superior varnish and white ink for custom-texture or combined CMYK to transform excellent graphic design into realistic quality prints. This leap forward ink technology helps produce premium labels, decals and packaging prototypes that look amazing and command higher prices.