Printing on metal

OnePrint provides numerous machine choices for putting your custom designs onto metal or creating high value-added personalized products. Offer optional printer solutions include direct printing with UV flatbed technology, dye-sublimating onto metal, and vinyl wrap production with inkjet printers.

Direct Printing on Metal Items

Direct print on metal signs and giftware items with OnePrint UV flatbed printer technology. Featuring different printing widths to fit small-scale customization, similarly as large-format custom graphics production, OnePrint has a print-on-metal solution to satisfy every customer’ need. UV flatbeds include ECO-UV ink technology with custom-texture and embossed effects, along with an optional rotary device for directly printing onto metal bottles and cylindrical metal objects.


Direct Printing on Metal Items

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60x60cm A2+ Desktop UV Flatbed Printer UV-600

Print both small and large items with large-scale flatbed customization, expanding profit margins.


Printhead : Epson XP2000 Europe Edition
Printhead Quantity : 2 units
Print Size: 
60 x 60 cm
Print Height : 20 cm Max
Speed: 60s for full size printing
Ink: UV Ink
Color: CMYK White / CMYKLcLm / CMYK

Media: Canvas, glass, ceramic, metal, ceiling, acrylic, wood, PVC,PP, PE,reflection film, leather, carpet, paper etc.

Dye-Sublimation Transfer onto ChromaLuxe Metal panels

OnePrint dye sublimation printer owners are able to print and heat transfer artwork, logos, displays and other designs onto specially formulated ChromaLuxe metal panels. ChromaLuxe supplies a selection of durable photo panels for countless art and interior decoration applications.

Dye-Sublimation Transfer onto ChromaLuxe Metal panels

Vinyl Wrap Metal Objects, Vehicles and More

Vinyl wrapping is one of the most effective ways to put large format graphics on metal. It’s an vital method of graphics application if you need to add graphics to vehicles, fixed metal surfaces, large metal signs and surfaces that cover a wide area, and other applications. Make a choice to select one kind of inkjet printer to print onto vinyl, a wide range of reliably efficient OnePrint inkjet printers could deliver the highest output quality results.

Vinyl Wrap Metal Objects

vehicle packages

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Konica 512i Solvent Printer SOL-C4/C8

Maximize your production speed with OnePrint 3.2m heavy-duty solvent printer, featuring industrial-grade Konica head, ideal for high-volume outdoor signage production.

SOL-C4: 4 pcs KM-512i

SOL-C8: 8 pcs KM-512i, stronger structure, and luxury spare parts. 


Printhead : Konica KM-512i 30pl / KM-512 42pl
Printhead Quantity: 4 / 8 units
Print System : BYHX / UMC optional
Print Size: 3200mm
Speed: 240 sqm / hour on 2 pass
Ink: Solvent Ink
Color: Double CMYK

Media: Vinyl, flex banner, one way vision, mesh, banner cloth, PP etc.