Add value with custom printing

OnePrint’s computer-driven technology can assist you take full advantage of this lucrative market opportunity. OnePrint all devices and printers deliver high quality results at an affordable price point, allowing you to profit from both one-offs and massive production runs well into the thousands. With your OnePrint, you can quickly and easily add logos, graphics and images to a wide variety of surfaces, transforming ordinary items into one-of-a-kind souvenir your customers will love.

Custom Apparel Printing

Developed specifically for use with OnePrint’s award-winning sublimation ink, the heat transfer solution is part of our line of custom apparel decoration products. With dye-sublimation printer, you can instantly transform brilliant images into colorful T-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, hats and bags.


Custom apparel printing

UV Direct-to-Substrate Printing of Gifts & Accessories

OnePrint UV flatbed printers allow you to directly print onto a rich mixture of substrates. Enable to set your business apart from competition by creating unique, one-of-kind gifts and accessories.  With UV flatbed printers, producing these custom items has never been easier. Use white ink as a spot color (base) on transparent materials or as a flood behind CMYK graphics to enrich colors.  Clear ink can be applied to enhance the graphic with eye-catching tactile effects and finishes.  With an UV flatbed, you can print directly upon thumb drives, pens, smart phone covers, golf balls, wood and even laptop computers.

laptop covers

golf balls

smart phone covers

Gifts & Accessories Printing

With an UV flatbed, you can print directly on thumb drives, pens, smart phone covers, golf balls, wood and acrylic plaques, and even laptop computers.Perfect for retailers wanting to add extra value to normal gifts and accessories, OnePrint’s special design A3 size UV flatbed printer quickly and accurately prints even the smallest text, photos, logos and graphics on a variety of metal and acrylic things. Compact and simple to use, the UV-350 prints on both curved and flat items while not going away any residue behind, making it ideal for retail environments.


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A3+ UV Flatbed Inkjet Printer UV-350

Grow up your small investment business with A3 size UV-350 printer, creating hundreds of small customized items, like pens, iPhone covers, coasters, ceramic tiles etc.


Printhead: Epson XP2000 Europe Edition
Printhead Quantity: 2 units
Print Size: 
33 x 50 cm
Print Height: 20 cm Max
Speed: 60s for full size printing
Ink: UV ink
Color: CMYK White / CMYKLcLm / CMYK

Media: Canvas, glass, ceramic, metal, ceiling, acrylic, wood, PVC,PP, PE,reflection film, leather, carpet, paper etc.

Custom Vinyl Graphics

Ideal for offices, schools, restaurants, stores and hobbyists, eco/ solvent printers as well as UV roll to roll printers make it easy to produce stickers, decals, signs, POP displays and iron-on graphics for T-shirts.

Use varnish to boost the graphic with attention-grapping tactile effects and finishes. And white ink is often utilized as a spot color on clear materials or as a flood behind CMYK images to enrich colors.

Custom Vinyl Graphics

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Konica 512i Solvent Printer SOL-C4/C8

Maximize your production speed with OnePrint 3.2m heavy-duty solvent printer, featuring industrial-grade Konica head, ideal for high-volume outdoor signage production.

SOL-C4: 4 pcs KM-512i

SOL-C8: 8 pcs KM-512i, stronger structure, and luxury spare parts. 


Printhead : Konica KM-512i 30pl / KM-512 42pl
Printhead Quantity: 4 / 8 units
Print System : BYHX / UMC optional
Print Size: 3200mm
Speed: 240 sqm / hour on 2 pass
Ink: Solvent Ink
Color: Double CMYK

Media: Vinyl, flex banner, one way vision, mesh, banner cloth, PP etc.

OnePrint’s Distinguished Vinyl Cutter

The vinyl cutter features a curve-smoothing function that permits high accuracy cutting at high speed modes, leading to quicker production and lots of skilled looking images.