Dye sublimation printing solutions

OnePrint smooth away these difficulties and efforts of dye-sublimation printing with simply brilliant and powerful sublimation devices that offer solutions for soft signage, sportswear, artwork, exhibits, décor and more. OnePrint’s sublimation technology is the embodiment of versatility, providing unlimited possibilities in personalization, signage, fabrics and other profitable industries.

Soft Signage

OnePrint’s dye-sublimation printers allow to produce high quality finished results for fabric flags, banners and textiles of which material is polyester, preserving the fabric’s natural drape and texture. Lightweight and practical, soft signage is much cheaper to ship than other rigid substrates due to foldability and easy to hang, giving customers an alternative to heavier, traditional signage. In addition, with advanced sublimation ink, users can produce photographic quality images with subtle touch and unique visual impact.

soft signage

flag banner


Dye-sublimation printers have achieved enormous popularity ever since its release for customizing polyester sportswear fabrics and garments. If you’re in the apparel business or wanting to tap into it, there’s no better device than sublimation printers for you to turn dynamic graphics into reality. Creating something like apparel, fashion items, team uniforms, professional sportswear and activewear. And with brilliant sublimation inks, the printers could ensure faithful color representation that exceeding your expectation.

fashion items

team uniform

sports jersey

Art and Décor

OnePrint dye-sublimation technology is ideal for creating large backdrops, wallpaper, mural art, canvas art and other custom items. It opens up graphic opportunities for interior designers, sign shops, and other creative professionals to put designs, logos, brands and patterns on a vast array of materials. And with advanced, eight-channel printhead that totally contain 3200 nozzles, your art and décor output will showcase smooth gradations, dense color, and fine details.


wall art

Personalized Fashion

Fashion designers and graphics providers can create their own fashion statement with clothing and textile design, or company branding t-shirts and slogan costumes. OnePrint dye-sublimation technology gives you sufficient options to help transform eye-catching graphics into photorealistic quality prints. It is virtually the ideal production solution for designers, artists and creative professionals who want to turn unusual but wonderful thinking into exact items to state.


Dye-sublimation is more than a technology that utilizing in fabric and fashion. OnePrint sublimation devices are also suitable for adding graphics to promotional gifts, gadgets and sports equipment. Add logos and designs to smart device cases, custom decorated tiles, and more items and start your own customization business.


Large Item Customization

From snowboards to yoga mats, users can add full-color graphics to large merchandise with OnePrint dye-sublimation printers. Sublimated graphics is an easy-to-make and cost-effective way to customize products and create unique items.