Printing on wood

Whether you want to print on full-sheets of plywood or add custom images to wooden coasters and small items, OnePrint always has one machine to satisfy your application needs. OnePrint technologies allow users to print directly onto pre-manufactured wooden boards with large-format UV flatbeds, print directly onto small wooden items with desktop A3 size UV flatbeds, or wrap wooden items with vinyl graphics using inkjet technology. OnePrint’s technology makes printing on wood applications easy.

Personalized Printing on Wood

A host of users including artists, onlinestore owners, giftware suppliers and other custom graphics experts can make huge profits by printing meaningful messages, company logos and graphics onto various wooden objects. Using UV desktop printers, users have a convenient method of printing directly onto custom frames, coasters, baby blocks, wooden fixtures, small signs, and other desirable items.

Customization of Wood Objects

With OnePrint’s UV flatbed printers, users can create value-added one-off custom items, such as tabletops, product display items, décor pieces, instruments, artwork, and many more specialty items that command high prices.

Dimensional Ink Effects on Wood

OnePrint UV flatbed printers allow users to add gloss and matte ink effects on wood to create embossed text, add intricate texture patterns, or mimic brushstrokes and other real world textures.

Print on Larger Wood Objects

The UV prints directly onto pre-manufactured wooden items and full panels. With an adjustable Epson printhead giving users more possibilities in manufacturing, display, and large item customization, along with customization of smaller items on an industrial grade.

Vinyl Graphics on Wood

In addition to UV flatbed printing, OnePrint also offers a choice of the most reliable and versatile large-format inkjets on the market today. Print, cut and wrap vinyl graphics on wood promotions, wood instruments, sporting goods, signage and other items.