OnePrint Products for Sportswear & Workwear

Whether you are currently in apparel business or you are considering a move into this new market, OnePrint’s versatile, cost-efficient and high-quality digital technology that smooth away varied difficulties to get into digital apparel graphics production, easier and more rewarding.



OnePrint Apparel Graphics Technologies

OnePrint eco-solvent printers, dye-sublimation printers along with small size DTG printers allow you to create corporate-branded garments such as shirts, uniforms, jackets and hats, ensuring faithful color representation.




Operate with Low Fixed Costs

Either you’re printing a single sports team shirt or 100 linear yards of fabric, with OnePrint digital textile technology, the setup is the same every time – fast and efficient. Therefore, you can predict your time and costs in advance to get better preparation, and print everything from massive production to short runs or one-offs effectively.

Maximize Your Flexibility

Powerful integrated RIP software enclosed with every OnePrint device enables you to print fully different designs within the same print run. Or you can apply the same design to an entire vary of different applications.

Create Durable, Colorful Graphics

With OnePrint digital printers, you will turn out vibrant graphics that are machine washable on a large vary of compatible materials and performance fabrics. From photorealistic graphics to color matched logos and complicated text and details, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Work with Clean Technology

Eliminating the need to refill ink bottles or decant into containers, OnePrint inks are supplied in airtight cartridges and pouches to provide clean, easy and safe printing.

A Full Sublimation Solution

With OnePrint’s dye sublimation printers and accessories, you can deliver durable, vivid color graphics on a whole range of fabrics for sportswear, workwear and promotional apparel.
Sublimation printers are powered by Wasatch RIP software, designed specifically for the production of dye-sublimation graphics.
Sublimation ink is one kind of eco-friendly water-based ink, available in 4 colors, making it safe for all textile applications, even for children and babies.