OnePrint Technology For Promotional goods Production

Whether you already offer customers with co-branded giftwares, produce personalized accessories, or just need to diversify into promo item production, there is a OnePrint printer suitable to help transform normal low-cost objects into personalized high-profit items.

Make high profits from small-run valuable jobs

OnePrint digital printers offer an incredibly cost-effective and time-efficient solution for producing on-demand and short-run promotional items, especially compared to traditional methods like screen printing and latex printing.

Customizing items

Produce Colorful High Quality Output with Ease

With OnePrint devices you can print photos and images in vibrant, eye-catching full color, or impressive effects caused by white ink and clear coat ink. OnePrint inks are supplied in airtight cartridges to provide clean, easy and safe printing. With enclosed softwares, allow you to manage production process and ensure color consistency across your whole workflow. A wide range of inks and printing technologies are available, so you can choose the solution that’s best for your business. The best is what suits you.

Print directly onto a batch of promotional items

OnePrint’s UV technology allows you to print directly on substrates and objects up to 200mm in height. In combination of CMYK, white and gloss ink to create stunning visual impact and unique embossed effects on promotional items such as smart devices cover, thumb drives, pens, bottles, golf balls and even larger items like tables and POP displays. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


Achieve Simply Stunning Results with Sublimation

With OnePrint’s dye sublimation printers, you can maximize your business profit margin through a vast array of profitable applications including soft substrates like activewear and workwear, along with hard media such as mugs, eyewear and other different accessories. Dye-sublimation has ability to heat transfer graphics to textile, woods, metal, glass and other unique, high-value substrates.


Quickly Create Custom Apparel, Labels and Decals

Expand your offering with custom-made clothing like shirts, sweatshirts, hats and handbags, along with labeled items like wine bottles, packaging and souvenirs. OnePrint eco-solvent printers and vinyl cutters enable you to customize short-runs and one-offs in minutes, adding tremendous value for your customers.
Produce customized jerseys for sports teams and co-branding.