Why Choose OnePrint Printer ?

Innovative Printhead Capping Mechanism, with OnePrint Invention Patent

The reliable capping system is very important for printhead capping and clean. It effectively reduce the change of head clogging and ensures the ink sucked into printhead smoothly.

OnePrint unique capping system, the one and only one in China.

High Quality Parts of Big Brands

All OnePrint models are equipped with the top standard parts.

Continue Printing After Power Off

We notice that in some countries users have the problem of power frequent power outages. OnePrint system can continue printing after power outage, it not only save materials and inks, but also reduce the chance of circuit parts damage.

Anti-Scratch Function Included

OnePrint integrates anti-scratch device to add safety to the printhead.

When the carriage touches anything during move, the carriage will stop printing immediately.

This reduce the chance that printhead get scratched with unexcepted object.

All Core Structure are Made in Aluminum for High Accuracy and Stability

90% other Chinese models “forget” to adopt all aluminum in above parts.

Only time will tell the difference, but OnePrint insist to use best material to maximize the reliability.

Why aluminum : aluminum parts provide accuracy and stability that metal plate can’t achieve.

Which parts are in aluminum : OnePrint printers uses aluminum in printing flatform, carriage beam and its fastenings, capping station and the support of capping station.

Stable Structure for Long Lifespan and Sharp Print Quality

The busy working carriage can cause shake in some printers, and finally result in short lifespan and lower print quality.

With OnePrint stable printer structure, the printer frame stays firm during printing.

The Well-Known Hoson Printing System (Hansen)

Printing system is the crucial part for user experience.

OnePrint adopt the famous Hoson printing system which is widely used in many other popular brands. It provides full control, easy operation, high stability and print quality.

Sharp Printing Quality

Print Sharpness Factors : 1. Printer Structure; 2. Printing System; 3. Printhead; 4. Alignment.

All these factors are well crafted and come together to ensures OnePrint printers has a stunning print quality.

High Printing Speed

Speed affect efficiency, efficiency is money.

OnePrint printers can adopt 4 pcs of printhead for 2 pass printing.

This configuration dramatically increases the maximum speed of a Epson heads series printers.

Low Running Cost

With a OnePrint, you save a lot, everywhere.

Printhead and consumable parts are sold in flat price.

No more headache when replacing a printhead cost as low as USD200(Epson XP600).

Multiple Printhead Configuration

OnePrint Epson series can be equipped with a variety of printheads including DX5, DX7, TX800, XP600, EPS3200, 5113 etc.
Printhead quantity can be 1/2/3/4 optional.

It is worth mentioning that OnePrint can adopt 4 heads, it makes 2 pass printing a workable mode that dramatically increased the printing speed.

You can always find a OnePrint that can meet your demand.

Multiple Printer Width and Addon Device Options

OnePrint printers are available in 1.6, 1.8, 2.5 and 3.2 meters.

Optional device are infrared heater, automatic media handling, soft film addon device, inflatable pole etc.

You can always easily find a OnePrint model that can meet your demand.